– by Joseph Jammer Medina

I feel a bit hung over. Yesterday was a big day for fans everywhere, as it gave us our first official look at Spider-Man home at last, where he belongs, with his other Marvel comrades. Yes, the new CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR trailer unveiled what is sure to be the definitive cinematic version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and everyone was talking about it. So I rounded up a smattering of our contributors and asked them for their thoughts, since we see and report on new trailers all the time.

How did this group of jaded, cynical writers like it? Read on to find out!

Up first, we have Latino-Review’s resident Spider-Man Junkie (and the man who broke the news that Spidey was set to appear in the new trailer), Da7e:

It’s nice to see that Marvel’s take on Spider-Man’s design brings him much closer to the Steve Ditko original design by way of some Alex Ross smoothing. Everything we’ve seen on screen for Spidey has been influenced by post-1980s design and fell victim to the 2000s trend of adding texture to superhero costumes to try and get away from the spandex look of yore. I think we’ve had enough of that for my lifetime, it’s nice to see a Spider-Man I recognize as classic. Though I did love those big ASM 2 eyes, mechanical black borders are pretty sweet.

Now we turn to writer, and co-host of the LOS FANBOYS Podcast for LR, Joseph:

While the first trailer packed an emotional punch, this one packed more of a physical one, showing us the money shots we all hoped we’d get in a film of this scope. Though I wish Spidey’s reveal hadn’t been such an awkward CG shot, I can’t really complain–It’s Spider-Man in the MCU, and I can’t NOT love it!

Next up we turn to another of our longtime writers- who happens to be #TeamIronMan, Nicholas:

The trailer was very good, and the inclusion of Spider-Man met my needs. It didn’t get me as excited or hyped as the third Batman v Superman trailer, but that’s ok.

Then there was the new kid on the block, Jeremy, who has started contributing comic book reviews:


Someone else I asked to chime in was writer J.B. Casas:

The new Civil War trailer was a 10/10! Spider-Man with the cap shield was just awesome. May 6th cannot come fast enough. #TeamIronMan

As for myself:

The trailer hit all kinds of powerful notes, and it got me thinking about the deeper implica…oh, who am I kidding? SPIDER-MAN! That’s all I can remember. It might’ve been 2:15 of Cabbage Patch Kids eating actual kids, and Spider-Man would still be all I remembered. I’ll admit, I was initially put off by how CG he looked. Very put off. But on repeat viewings, that went away. Bring it on! #TeamCap

I also asked fans to tweet me their reactions, with the promise of including a few select tweets in this feature. Also mixing in a few I saw scattered around:

The last reaction I’ll include came from longtime comic book nerd, devout Spider-Man fanboy, and drummer for the kickass rock band The Boom Section, Greg:

I really thought I’d be hugely disappointed, but I must’ve looked like a 5-year-old whose parents told him he wasn’t going to Disney World and then said, “Just playing!” and handed him a ticket. It looks like the best Marvel movie yet, hitting all the right tones of dramaintrigue, and comic relief. Is it May yet?

There’ll be a more in-depth response to the trailer on next week’s LOS FANBOYS PODCAST, which we’ll be recording later today. If you’d like to get in on the chatter, please comment below, share/post this article. We’d love to hear your reactions.

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