The Mandalorian Season 4 Writing Process Will be Informed By Ahsoka Says Jon Favreau

The Mandalorian Season 4 Writing Process Will be Informed By Ahsoka Says Jon Favreau

Post-Celebration Jon Favreau spoke to CinemaBlend about how The Mandalorian Season 4 writing process will be informed by Ahsoka. Of course, that does mean conformation we are getting The Mandalorian Season 4. However sandwiched in between Season 3 and Season 4 is Ahsoka, and possibly Skeleton Crew depending on how connected that show is overall.

Favreau said that with the likes of Ahsoka, it allows the writing process for Mando S4 to be more precise.

“With television, we’re very lucky that we don’t have to rush things through into an hour-and-a-half, two hours. We get to tell stories slowly. So now, as Dave [Filoni]’s doing Ahsoka, it’s very much informing the writing that I’m doing for [The Mandalorian] Season 4. It becomes – how should I put it – more precise.”

“When I was writing the first season of Mandalorian, I could do anything, set it anywhere. Dave [Filoni] would read it, we’d go back and forth, I would adjust. And there it was. Now we have to figure out why there are certain Mandalorians who wear helmets, certain ones who don’t wear helmets, what’s happening on Mandalore, what’s Bo-Katan doing at the time? How does she feel about that? Where is the Darksaber? So it really creates very fertile ground for imagination, for storytelling.”

Bringing The Story Threads Together

Favreau also talks about how these shows are becoming more and more interconnected. Remember that Favreau has previously spoken about this MandoVerse in comparison to Game of Thrones. Whereas that show had different points of view across different locations, the MandoVerse has different shows all connecting into the same narrative. What that endgame is, well, that remains to be seen for now.

“I think that inevitably, no matter how simple you start, the story threads start to connect and weave and overlap. And with Dave Filoni’s deep understanding of everything around the time period, opportunities will always arise when we have story meetings and conversations about, ‘Well, you know what character would be here now…’ I mean, that’s really how the Luke thing happened.”

“It wasn’t that we necessarily planned to include Luke Skywalker in Season 2. But as we were looking for [Grogu] to get training, we started to weigh out, ‘Well, what Jedi are around? Who’s left?’ And it started to not make sense for it not to be Luke. As we start to tell stories, those stories take on lives of their own, and they have trajectories. And then as those trajectories begin to organically intersect, larger stories with more characters start to make more sense.”

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In terms of where things are going, outside of the search for Ezra and Thrawn, what happens once they are found? When that eventually does happen, what will Dinn Djarin’s situation be? Favreau of course has the benefit of knowing what the endgame is in his head and also knowing the full story of Ahsoka and Mando S3 which we do not. That makes it tricky for us to speculate towards Seasons that have not even been written yet.

So far though, this MandoVerse of stories has been very interesting and I think I speak for most fans when I say we can’t wait to see where this is all going?

What do you think of Jon Favreau’s comments around how The Mandalorian Season 4 writing process will be informed by Ahsoka? Are you excited for The Mandalorian Season 3 and Ahsoka, both coming in 2023? If you can, leave any thoughts below, or over on Discord.

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