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The Mandela Effect: Altering Reality This July

I first heard about the Mandela Effect when a friend asked, “Do you remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison when you were a kid?” I paused and said, Yeah, I’m pretty sure he did. I remember reading about it in school. My friend just grinned and said, Nope, he’s alive.

That got me thinking. Since then, every few months, someone asks me something odd like the lyrics to a jingle or the name of a character from an old TV show, suggesting our memories are playing tricks on us. While I usually chalk it up to coincidence, the Mandela Effect has become a big talking point and even inspired a movie.

The Mandela Effect Phenomenon, written and directed by Robert Kiviat, is hitting streaming services on July 9. The synopsis goes like this:

“Something mind-blowing is happening. Half the people swear reality’s been altered, like they’re from another timeline. Millions claim movies, TV show titles, celebrities’ names, logos, brands, and even the Bible aren’t what they used to be. Is a supernatural force ‘editing’ history?”

The whole idea is fascinating. Could humanity’s collective memories be so off that it feels like reality is shifting? I have to admit the idea is both intriguing and a little eerie. Could it be aliens, CERN experiments, or some supernatural force as suggested by the synopsis?

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I can’t wait to watch The Mandela Effect on July 9 to see how the film tackles these questions. It promises to delve into these mysterious ideas and might just offer some mind-bending theories. I’ll definitely be watching and sharing my thoughts afterward. This looks like a must-watch for anyone curious about the phenomena.

Give the trailer a watch –


Editor: Yeah, people just have really bad memories. Especially when its history that happened elsewhere. Our news when I was a kid quite often updated on the progress of Nelson Mandela, we had various charities and concerts campaigning for his freedom and songs written about it. 

When you get older, you forget things, it’s not aliens, it’s bad memories, or believing things pals told you as a kid that were never true. However, if this is an entertaining watch, so be it. Who am I to decide?

What do you readers think? Is the Mandela Effect real, or is it just people incorrectly assuming their memories are somehow incorruptible in some way? Is this just more Ancient Aliens babble, or is history being altered? Let us know what you think below, as always. 

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