– by Joseph Jammer Medina

What’s going on with The New Mutants? Well, your guess is as good as mine. It’s not a property many people out there would have expected to get the green light, especially in the way we’re getting it: a straight-up horror film. But clearly some trials and tribulations have hit the picture, and as a result, has been pushed back a couple times.

First, The New Mutants was set to hit on August 2, 2019, and then April 13, 2018, and now, finally February 22, 2019, seeming to hint at some issues. While we can’t really go into the “why” behind it all, we can refute any rumors surrounding the studio losing faith in the director, as well as them flaking on a potential R rating. Speaking with Collider, producer Simon Kinberg cleared the air, saying there was no mandate for a PG-13 film:

“It’s the kind of movie that could go R, or it could be a hard PG-13. As I was saying before in terms of subgenres or the genre, it is obviously teased as a horror film, and most horror films these days are R-rated, but it stars a very young cast, so we’ll see. It really is what the movie wants to be. The studio is open to either rating… Traditionally, superhero movies are PG-13 other than Logan and the Deadpool movies, and generally, horror films are R-rated, so we’ll see where this one falls. It is a very scary, edgy movie.”

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Knowing director Josh Boone and his love for horror, I wouldn’t be surprised if they really pushed for the R rating. However, it is comforting to hear that Fox seems open to letting the film be what it is, without any real concern for the rating.

Now their biggest concern will be launching a good film. Given that Boone originally pitched this as the start of a new trilogy, my concern is whether or not the Disney acquisition of Fox will rule out any possible sequels. We shall see! According to Kinberg, reshoots haven’t happened yet, so they likely don’t know how the film will end up just yet either.

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SOURCE: Collider

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