– by Anthony Esteves

There are many recognizable features and mannerisms of horror icon Michael Myers. The coveralls. The altered William Shatner mask. The huge knife. The haunting walk. One that has forever added to the mystique and horrific essence of the character is the head tilt. A movement so very simple yet when performed by The Shape, adds to the complexity of the evil sociopath.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Nick Castle, old college friend of John Carpenter and the man who portrayed Myers in the classic film, explained how the tilt came about during the death of Bob, played by John Michael Graham:

“I remember the scene vividly. John had me stand and look at the character, and I was behind the mask, and while the camera’s rolling he said, ‘Okay, tilt your head to the right, now tilt your head to the left.’ I had no idea what he was trying to get at until I saw the movie and I said, ‘Oh, how cool, it looks like I’m admiring my kill.’ That was John’s kind of inherent talent, coming up with that idea.”

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The head tilt went on to become an important characteristic for the character, being featured in every sequel and Rob Zombie’s reimagining. It adds to the mystery of Michael Myers; a uncontrollable force of nature that yet takes the time to admire his kill. The Shape taking in the moment, pleaded with the death he has created.

Castle will once again don the mask in David Gordon Green’s Halloween, sharing the portrayal with actor/stuntman James Judy Courtney. Ryan Turek, Blumhouse Productions’ Vice President of Feature Film Development and one of the producers of Halloween, spoke of Castle’s return to the character.

“Nick brought all the mannerisms back. There was a great moment when you see Myers from afar, and David was communicating via walkie to an assistant director that was nearby Nick, and he just goes, ‘Tell him to do the Myers head-tilt!’ And two seconds later, we just see Nick tilt his head. We were like, ‘Oh!’ We got all chills and goose-bumpy. It was really cool.”

Halloween opens nationwide on October 19th.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly.