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For some reason, Marvel Television is a bit mum on the release dates of series set to hit as early as this year. We didn’t know for sure when The Defenders would be hitting Netflix until a couple months ago, and we still don’t have a clue when ANYTHING is hitting next year. Unlike the big tentpole films in theaters, we don’t really know years in advance when something is coming. But that doesn’t stop us from talking about it.

Earlier this month, one of the episode directors, Dearbhla Walsh said offhandedly in an interview that The Punisher was going to hit the streaming service this November. It seemed like a credible enough source, but considering how often directors are shuffled around, there was still some margin of error on that one. For all she knew, they had recently decided to push it back to December for whatever reason.

If a rumor from MCU Exchange is to believed, that November release is still to be believed. But the outlet has narrowed it down, and one of their sources says that the series is set to hit Netflix onNovember 14. However, for the time being, I’d still classify this one heavily as a rumor.

November 14, while a great-sounding day, is actually a Tuesday, and Netflix originals almost always have a tendency to drop in the latter half of the week, so as to promote weekend binging. In fact, each of the Marvel Netflix shows have been released on Fridays, further adding to the potential that this date is a dud. Now, that’s not to say, that The Punisher can’t launch on the 14th — you never know — but it seems to be a weird issue of pattern breaking.

What do you think? Do you think the series will hit on November 14 or one of the weekends surrounding it, or do you think this is all a bunch of BS to get us talking (it worked)? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: MCU Exchange