– by Mark Cook


The Flash returned to what made the show great. “Flash Back” was an episode that was able to incorporate all the things that make this show great. “Flash Back” focused on the concept that the only person that would be able to help Barry get faster is the Reverse-Flash. This meant in order to get the answers he needed Barry would have to travel back in time to ask his old nemesis for help. The antagonist of this episode was the introduction to Time Wraiths which had a similar resemblance to Dementor’s from Harry Potter. It was great that the show even admitted to it when Cisco describe them as such.

Let’s put into perspective how great of a job David Rapaport and J.J. Ogilvy have done with casting this show. Grant Gustin has become the breakout star but without a doubt Tom Cavanagh is the catalyst for this show. It was great to go back and see him reprise his role as Eoboard Thawne. The interaction between Barry and Thawne brought back the greatness of the show from Season 1. Reverse-Flash set such a high bar for the remainder of villains to appear on this show. It is the same problem that Arrow has run into with Manu Bennetts portrayal of Slade Wilson.

It’s almost as the show runners wanted the audience to time travel back to see what made this show great and it was the interactions between the cast members that ultimately makes The Flash great. It makes me wonder how far this show can go without Harrison Wells.

This episodes focus on time travel exposed how flawed Barry really is. Against the advice of Earth-2 Wells, Barry rushes into the time warp without thinking through the full consequences of his mission. Basically everything that could’ve gone wrong did right from the beginning. With Barry’s inability to take his younger self out with ease, to exposing Hartleys secret ear bombs which altered his future to becoming a good guy now, then Barry being exposed to the team by his younger self showed how difficult time traveling is.

Overall this episode was the best of the season. As season 2 starts to wrap up the powers that be need to start thinking about who the next big villain will be with Season 3 and how to fill the shoes Reverse-Flash has left behind. At this point of the season if the writers were to completely write off Zoom and bring back Reverse-Flash I would be totally happy with that.