– by Campbell Clark

Fans across the world are probably catching the further adventures of Frank Castle in The Punisher Season 2 on Netflix. The show hit the streaming service on Friday and whilst I am only on episode 3 currently, I am enjoying it a lot more than the first Season. My Colleague Kyle Malone of The Cantina has already finished this season as he is basically couch-bound recovering, and able to binge watch it. Kyle tells us in his opinion it’s one of Marvel/Netflix’s best seasons period.

The problem is that we folks in the business of following these shows are well aware that the cancellation hammer is currently raised and waiting to be dropped by Netflix. Every single Marvel show has been canceled so far other than this and Jessica Jones and we do not expect The Punisher to be spared this fate. No one seems happy about this, Marvel still claims they are shocked and disappointed by the decision, whilst Netflix has given no reason for the mass cancellations.

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In a recent interview with EW, producers Steve Lightfoot and Jeph Loeb (head of Marvel TV) talk about dealing with the possible cancellation of The Punisher, their disappointment in the cancellation of other shows and that if they were given the green light, that they are ready for a Season 3.

On wanting to make a season 3.

LOEB: We would love that, and nothing would make us happier than to work with those talented writers and crew. As I have repeatedly said, it is not our decision. We are ready to go and would love to do so. It is Netflix’s call to make.

On the disappointment of Netflix’s cancellation of the other shows.

LOEB: I’d rather not get into the specifics, other than we were and continue to be extremely disappointed by the decision that the network made. But when you’re in the game, that’s all you can do. Everyone has a favorite television show that has been canceled on every single network, and we just happen to be at that place right now.

On whether a Season 3 could happen if Netflix does not cancel the show.

LOEB: We have a whole story in mind that would be awesome, but again, the guns are locked and loaded, but Netflix has the finger on the trigger.

LIGHTFOOT: We were finished before any of this started happening. I left [season 2] on that final shot that was just meant to [make people go], “Wow, I can’t wait to see season 3.” That was it. That was what I want them to take away, and it’s like any show — if you’ve been in this business long enough, we’ve all worked on shows that got canceled that you wish hadn’t. I just hope we made a great show.… My philosophy is always make every season like it could be your last. Don’t save anything for next season, even if that means you’ve painted yourself into a corner. But make every season the best it can be, and hopefully it speaks for itself.

It is all very disappointing for fans of these Marvel/Netflix shows, of which I am one. Sure, there have been some real misfires with this mini-universe, I am thinking predominantly of Iron Fist, Jessica Jones Season 2 and The Defenders. However, there have also been some real highlights like all three seasons of Daredevil and Luke Cage Season 2 was far superior to the first.

The one thing that makes The Punisher slightly different is the fact that as far as we know, this property was not attached to the original exclusivity deal between Marvel and Netflix. That deal means that any of the other properties on Netflix cannot be picked up by Marvel on another service for at least 2 years after cancellation. Now, we may just not be aware of all the specifics but it does seem as if The Punisher might be exempt from this clause, as his show was commissioned after his popularity in Daredevil Season 2.

But that’s not the only problem, as we have written about previously a show like The Punisher doesn’t fit with the image of Disney’s new Disney + streaming service, which is strictly PG-13. Whilst it would be possible to tone down the violence in the likes of Luke Cage or Iron Fist, it seems less likely with the likes of Daredevil and even more so Jessica Jones. That’s not even to mention The Punisher which is about as violent as you can think of really. So unless Marvel can find another suitable platform for The Punisher that can allow it to express itself in the way it should, it could mean the end of Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, and that’s a damn shame whichever way you look at it.

Have you started The Punisher Season 2 yet, and what do you think of Loeb and Lightfoot’s comments? Be a Daredevil, step out of your cage and be Frank with your Punishment of your literary foes in the usual place below (I’m here all week, folks).

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