– by Mark Cook

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

It took an eight year hiatus, but finally Prison Break has returned to TV! For anyone who has ever listened the LRM TV Podcast, they would know of my love for the series.  I became acquainted with Prison Break after the series had ended, but my then girlfriend now wife, who doesn’t watch much TV, told me how great she thought it was.  Since then, I have seen the series three times.  When I heard it would be returning for a limited run, I began my countdown.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Season 5, but after the first episode, I was not disappointed. The show began with Lincoln Burrows, Michael Scofield’s brother, on the run, yet again.  I thought that he may have learned the error of his ways since we last saw him, but he was in debt yet again. One of the more subtle, but important, parts of the show came with the return of a character who I think has a major purpose in Season 5:

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Theodore Bagwell aka T-Bag.  Robert Knepper returns to the role of the sadistic character, and does a tremendous job reminding the audience of the character we love to hate, and hate to love.  T-Bag is released from Fox River with an officer saying that, “you must know someone big in order to be let out.”  He claims to have learned his lesson, but when have we ever been able to trust him.  Upon his release he is sent a letter with a picture of Michael Scofield.  He is just as confused as the audience as to why he would be the one receiving this picture.  T-Bag takes it to Linc, and as much as he doesn’t believe him, he still decides to look into it.  Linc goes to visit the now married Sara Tancredi, and his nephew Michael, in order to let her see the picture.  In typical Michael fashion, he has left them clues as to where he may be.  

These clues lead Linc to digging up Michael’s grave and finding that there is no body in the casket! He takes the jacket assuming there would be some type of clue in it.  During this time, a mysterious couple attack Linc and Sara leading them to suspect Michael may be alive.  This revelation seems to bring them more questions than answers.  Due to the postmark on the envelope the picture came in, the background of the photo, and the help of his newly converted Jihad friend, C-Note, they figure out that Michael is in Yemen.  They decide to go and find him leading to the return of another fan favorite, Sucre!  They leave he and Sara behind in the United States because it is not safe for so many Americans to travel to the war-torn country, but expect them to play a major role in the coming episodes.  Through various obstacles, and setups, Linc and C-Note eventually gain entrance to the Yemen prison Michael is being held.  When they meet him face-to-face Michael seems to have no clue who they are and asks to be taken back to his cell.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Photo Courtesy ofFox.

This was surprising to me, but Michael Scofield always has a plan.  I think he wanted Linc to come find him, but he didn’t send the picture to any of his close friends because he knew they would be targets.  Someone is trying to erase him from history, so they would also take down those closest to him.  That’s why T-Bag will be a major player in this season.  I think Michael somehow got T-Bag out of prison, and paid the doctor to give him his prosthetic hand.  Why? Well, Michael knows how T-Bag works.  He won’t do something unless someone does something for him.  He could also pick T-Bag because those going after him would never think of him willing wanting to work with, or reach out to, Bagwell.  Michael would also know that if he did reach out to him, he would likely tell Linc.

As for why Michael is in a prison in Yemen, I have no idea.  I know he is in there because he wants to break people out, but why?  What could be so important that he would fake his death, lie to his family, wife, and abandon his son?  Who is after him?  Why do they want to erase him from history?  I am not sure, but I can’t wait to find out.  

If you are a fan of the series, definitely check out Season 5.  If you have never seen the series, Seasons 1-4 are on Netflix.

Season 5 of Prison Break continues Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox.

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