– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Growing up with Star Wars, it’s hard to imagine Chewbacca doing anything but growling. Of course, if you’ve been one to watch countless hours of behind-the-scenes material for the original Star Wars trilogy, you know that on the set of these films, actor Peter Mayhew actually said lines of dialogue in his scenes.

I don’t personally recall whether or not he was just saying stuff for Harrison Ford to play off of or if they originally set out to create a creature that talks, but for us fans, it’s hard for us to imagine any other way for him to speak.

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Though regardless of whether or not he speaks, his growling is a part of his own wookie language — a language that his buddy Han knows. So what does this mean for the actual script for Solo: A Star Wars Story? Did they actually give him lines, or keep it to growls? Speaking on The Star Wars Show, co-writer Jon Kasdan gave the answer, saying:

“In this script, we wrote every one of Chewie’s lines. We wanted Alden, who plays Han in the movie, to know what was being said to him, so he would not what to play, regardless of what he interpreted from the moan.”

This makes me want to see some set footage from the film. Did Mayhew and the new Chewie actor actually yell out words while on set? Hopefully, we’ll see in the eventual special features!

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SOURCE: The Star Wars Show

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