– by Anthony Esteves

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“You’re Staying… I Am Staying”

Maggie’s eyes open. She focuses on a vase with blue flowers inside it. This view no doubt much more appealing than the horror she viewed episodes ago. She turns and notices Dr. Carson standing before. These few moments tell us an important fact: Maggie has made it to Hilltop.

A minor victory after such brutal losses.

In last night’s episode, we learned of Maggie’s improving health as well as her unborn baby’s safety. Suffering from a minor placenta separation, Maggie has been asked by the doctor to take it easy for a bit. While reuniting with Sasha and Jesus as they pay respects at the graves of Glenn and Abraham, Gregory, the authority of Hilltop, demands that the two must leave before the Saviors arrive.

Meanwhile, back at Alexandria, while Rick and Aaron head out to get more supplies for the Saviors, Carl takes an interest to Enid as she decides to head back to Hilltop. Although he tells her he’s not interested in saving her again, that’s exactly what he does while she is on her hike, remaining by her side.

This episode focused primarily on the unions formed within our main characters. Sasha has sworn to watch over Maggie, standing up to Gregory. Jesus in his defense of the two of them remaining within Hilltop. Carl building a possible relationship with Enid during their trek to the colony. We get the feeling that these characters realize how much control they have lost and how important they feel it is to remain together and protect each other. Even as the Saviors arrive and search the facilities for supplies, it is Gregory who thinks up a diversion to keep Maggie and Sasha hidden and safe from Simon and his crew. As begrudged as it was, it was still an act that saved lives.

That need to protect ends up taking a further step when Sasha asks Jesus to hop on one of the Savior trucks, learn of Negan’s home and return with that information, giving it only to her and not Maggie or anyone else. As Enid arrives, greets Maggie and Sasha and takes part in a prayer before dinner with the two, Jesus hops onto the back of the last Savior truck to leave. Much to his surprise, someone else has had the same idea.

Looking back at him, hiding in the supplies, is a long-haired, one-eyed teenage boy wearing his father’s sheriff’s hat.

Photo Credits: Gene Page, AMC