The Walking Dead “Hostiles and Calamities” Review

Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

“That is a correct assessment”

Sandwich on the ground, dead Savior and a missing motorcycle.

It does not take Dwight long to realize what may be the cause of this. He races back to the cell to witness what he already knows is true: Daryl has escaped. As Eugene is introduced to his new surroundings as Savior property, Dwight is perplexed by a note he discovered; one that reads “go now”. He is not allowed to ponder it long, because he is visited in his room by Saviors who viciously beat him as Negan and Lucile watch from the doorway.

Dwight is placed in Daryl’s cell. Negan comes a knocking and informs Dwight that Sherry is missing as well. Dwight is ordered to locate her and bring her back. Dwight gathers his things while notably distraught about losing Daryl and Sherry disappearing. He eventually hops on a motorcycle and begins his search.

Eugene is shown the ins and outs of life at Savior headquarters. When reintroduced to Negan and asked what he has to offer, Eugene shows off his scientific skills, including a method involving liquid metal and the walkers. Negan is so impressed that Eugene would share information like this, he offers to Eugene an evening with his wives as company. Eugene accepts the offer, afraid of what could happen if he says no. During a night of video games and sharing his science knowledge with Amber, Frankie, and Tanya, Eugene physically shows the ladies how his knowledge works by creating an explosion using chemicals from storage. 

Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

Dwight approaches a random home. He parks his bike and walks inside, calling out Sherry’s name. Dwight crouches down in the hallway and picks up a picture frame. The frame holds a picture of Dwight and Sherry together, smiling. Dwight has returned to their old home to find her. Unfortunately, all he finds is a note from Sherry, explaining that she is sorry they joined the Saviors, saddened by the man Dwight has become and how she is never returning. Meanwhile, back at Eugene’s room, Frankie and Tanya have asked Eugene to make special drug capsules for Amber, explaining that she is in an emotional hell under Negan and is looking for a way out. Eugene obliges, gets the chemicals needed and prepares the capsules.

Dwight has returned and meets once again with the Dr. Carson. When asked if he found Sherry, Dwight states that he killed her before walkers had finished the job. Turns out this whole meeting was Dwight’s plan to setup Carson, planting a note seeming to be written by Sherry on Carson and leading to Negan throwing Dr. Carson into a furnace in front of Eugene and all the Saviors. This action has extremely frightened Eugene, so much so that he decides not to give the wives the pills because he knows they really want to feed the poison to Negan.

Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

Negan pays a visit to Eugene’s room. He wants to confirm that Eugene is fully onboard with being a part of his team. However, before he can finish the question, Eugene responds with “I am Negan.” He tells him he has always been Negan and always will be. Negan approves of this and we are left with the final scene of the episode: Eugene and Dwight, side by side, looking over the liquid metal project taking place.

It is too early to tell if Eugene is simply playing along or if he really has embraced the way of the Saviors. It would be easy to think he is putting on a show, but Eugene did witness the brutal beatings of Abraham and Glenn. It is possible that the memory of that event and the fear that builds inside Eugene every time Negan is near him fuels his new devotion to the man wielding the barbwire-wrapped bat. Only time will tell where Eugene’s allegiances truly lie…

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