– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Friends, and fellow readers, I must apologize today. I am beating you guys over the head with a barbed-wire baseball bat with The Walking Dead stuff today. It has been a tumultuous season, to say the least, but long time comic fans know where Dwight’s story-arc is headed.

We all saw the lone figure standing in the shade before Rosita last Sunday, and while many simply said, “Oh thank gosh, there’s Daryl,” I knew exactly who this was and just where this season was now headed. This was Dwight, he is ready to join Rick, and become my favorite character in the TV show as well as the comics.

The problem is that Robert Kirkman (creator of the show) is a tricky bas***d, and he could be blowing smoke. We have seen Darryl with Rick in the trailer for episode 15, indicating he is nowhere near the saviors, we also know that Dwight is in Episode 16, so I doubt Rosita will kill him.

Negan has burnt half of Dwight’s face off, taken his wife, completely mind****’d him, and my guess is that Dwight is DONE.

Kirkman And Amelio Austin (Dwight) had some interesting quotes from The Walking Dead‘s PaleyFest panel:

Austin was asked what the rest of the members of Team Alexandria thought of him and he replied:

“People are gonna get to see what he truly cares about and what he’s fighting for. He’s a lone soldier at this point. I think he’s just making smart chess moves in order to fulfill the bigger picture of what he wants to do.”

Of course, Robert Kirkman had this to add:

“Read the comic!”

Kirkman is a dead fish eye’d son of a gun. Last season, he looked straight at the camera and said, “Glenn will die,” and everybody laughed. So there is no telling what to believe anymore with him.

Only two episodes left, two more weeks, let’s hoe for the best — even though I doubt we get our Negan throat slash this year. Are you guys excited to see Dwight join up with Rick? Is this just all a big lie?

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Source: ComicBook.com

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