– by Joseph Jammer Medina

When Deadpool hit theaters earlier this year, it was quite the sensation. Over the past fifteen years or so, audiences had gotten used to your typical comic book movie. The genre had become well-worn and predictable. While Deadpool didn’t exactly re-invent the wheel (it has a very tried-and-true throughline), it did manage to strike a core by doing the predictable incredibly well, and by throwing dozens of inappropriate jokes at the audience.

If one were to classify the type of approach the film used, I’d definitely say it used the shotgun approach, pretty much throwing out every tangential joke under the sun almost faster than anyone can pick them up. While this would seem to indicate that the writers and Reynolds managed to sneak in any joke they could possibly muster, this isn’t really the case.

Speaking with EW, the Deadpool star revealed one joke that ended up on the cutting room floor.

“Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) says something about our duplex we live in. I say, ‘This isn’t a duplex — it’s hepatitis holding still.’ That was one of my favorite lines, which is sorta slightly stolen from Funny Farm: ‘This ain’t a bridge — it’s termites holding hands.’ So I can’t take credit for it.” 

Of course, stuff like this is bound to happen. Not only do a lot of lines get cut during the filmmaking process, but when you’re actually preparing 10-15 jokes for single scenes, then even more is bound to end up getting axed.

Regarding the process of utilizing those prepared jokes, Reynolds said:

“In between takes I’m just looking at them and I’m trying different ones. I do improv but it’s no where near the caliber of [costar]  T.J. Miller. His mouth should be in the Smithsonian. The rest of him is garbage. But his mouth is truly unbelievable.”

Indeed if you’ve ever watched an episode of Silicon Valley, you can definitely see that as the case. Regardless, I think we can all agree that the end product was well worth it.

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