– by Seth McDonald

Despite many fans feelings that the last two seasons of the show have become a chore to watch, AMC’s The Walking Dead moves forward. We’ve even heard bits and pieces of another decade worth of the show. Currently in its ninth season, the show lost two of its bigger stars this year, in Andrew Lincoln, and Lauren Cohan.

While Lincoln is set to return to the universe of the show with three films, the first set to debut this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Cohan has had talks about her character getting a spin-off series.

“There may have been some conversations but everything is so early days ambiguous. Me, as much as anybody, we’ll have to see what happens.”

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I find it odd that after leaving the original show, both actors may be coming back to the universe of The Walking Dead. It seems as if they both wanted to move on to new and differnet projects, though as Cohan said talks for her spinoff are in the early stages, and she seems to be very dedicated to her new series, Whiskey Cavalier, so nothing may ever come out of these talks, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The show will return from its Season 9 hiatus next month, on February 10.

Do you think Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Grace should get her own spin-off? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter