– by Seth McDonald

A new promo for the eighth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead showed up online today. A lengthy teaser that will leave you with much anticipation, and no pay off (sort of like the Season 6 finale), shows Carl Grimes in search of some gasoline to siphon.

While cautiously searching around a lot of old abandoned cars, Carl hears a voice begin talking to him, the off screen monologue is really the only words spoken throughout the teaser. Once Carl locates the individual, the clip cuts away.

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With both Rick and Negan done playing nice with each other, the war between Rick’s rallied communities and Negan’s Saviors is on its way. How soon the show will get to this point, remains to be seen.

Last season wasn’t the easiest to watch in my opinion, while it started off in a incredibly brutal fashion, the almost invincible nature of Negan was a downer, and frustrating. He really showed no vulnerability until the finale, but hopefully this season will be different and even Negan will learn that Rick Grimes is not one to be trifled with.

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