– by Anthony Esteves
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Letters are passed around from camp to camp. Everyone is staying updated on what’s occurring in the war, a moment reminiscent of Civil War films and miniseries. Heavy losses have struck each camp as they surround the Savior sanctuary. With all this, Rick decides to make one more move for an alliance.

An alliance with our favorite gothic hipsters: The Scavengers.

At The Kingdom, Ezekiel is broken down and keeps himself sheltered in the theatre, demanding that no one, including Carol, be allowed to see him. At Hilltop, Maggie is at conflict with Jesus over the Savior prisoners he took in. In Alexandria, Tara confides in Daryl that she will kill Dwight the next chance she gets. Meanwhile, Michonne and Rosita head out together, still healing from their wounds, with the intentions of seeing for themselves the current status of the Sanctuary.

After deliberation with Gregory, Maggie confronts Jesus. Much to Gregory’s surprise, Maggie agrees to keep the prisoners alive. She also places Gregory in lockup with them, due to his earlier betrayal. Yet, when Jesus thanks her, Maggie informs him that she will keep them alive for as long as they need them. Once they are of no use, they are no longer needed. Moreover, distraught because of his loss, Aaron decides to go out and do more for the cause. Tagging along is Enid, who demands to do her part by Aaron’s side.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Carl decides to venture into the woods, looking for the man he came across in the first episode of the season, Siddiq. After learning about him and surviving a Walker attack with him, Carl decides to take him in.

Michonne and Rosita, upon hearing music in the distance, approach a large complex. Stealthily entering the building, they spot to Saviors, Zia and Leo, scavenging for supplies. When an attempt to attack by surprise fails, Michonne and Rosita are forced to battle these two and not allow them to escape.

While Rosita is able to get a hold of a rocket launcher and literally blow away Leo, Zia is able to get in their truck with large sound system speakers attached to it and make a run for it. However, before she can get too far, a large garbage truck t-bones Zia’s vehicle. Daryl and Tara jump out and Daryl fires multiple rounds from his rifle into the driver’s side, killing Zia. When Michonne and Rosita reveal why they left, Daryl and Tara take the two of them to a safe area and, using a gun sight, show them the Sanctuary, currently swarming with Walkers at every entrance. Daryl then tells them he plans to “end this now”.

Lastly, while all this takes place, Rick sits inside a container trailer as the newly acquired prisoner of the Scavengers.

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