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*Disclaimer* Minor Logan spoilers, but no ending or major plot ruining — most of this was already known before hand.

I am not sure how Logan has done so well, because I saw it last night and it was TERRIBLE! KIDDING KIDDING. I loved it, and it was refreshing that the super villains of the film were a frail old man, and a robotic armed Reaver that continually got beaten down the entire movie. There was no Magneto, Apocolypse, Dark Phoenix, Mr. Sinister, or any overpowered badguy. No, the main threat to Logan this movie, were bullets and empathy. This may be the actual allure for the general public who would not normally want to watch a superhero throwdown movie. It seems that the critics and the fans agree, as the worldwide box office total is now at $263.5 million, and the movie has been out for only five days, not including today when I am writing this article at 5am.

This is quite a bit of pocket change, and if you take a look at 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine which accrued $373 million (seriously?) and the 2013 The Wolverine which took in $414.8 million, that would bring the total to, hang on let me grab my abacus, $1,051,300,000 — yes that is a billion, with a “B.” Plus, there is no telling just how much Logan will make giving all these positive reviews, and high touting word-of-mouth.

This is not the first superhero franchise to pass the billion dollar mark, as the three Iron Man movies came very close to 2.5 billion worldwide, and Captain America hit 2.23 billion, with just the first two movies reaching the billion dollar mark. However, that is the MCU not Fox, but I think Fox is making great strides to take the franchises they own in the right direction. I would not be surprised if that by the time X-Force roles around, they may be getting close to those numbers, especially if Deadpool 2 does extremely well, which many expect it to do. This reporter would recommend for Fox not do a Dark Phoenix movie, just don’t. X3 ruined that, and I don’t want to see Sansa Stark possessed by a cosmic firebird, even if it splits the powers up between 4 heroes, then we just have another four horsemen. X-Men has so many more stories to tell that are considerably better.

Regardless, congrats to both Logan and the Wolverine franchise in general. Cheers!

Did you guys like Logan? What should they do with X-23 now? Should they try another Dark Phoenix movie? Speak up my friends!

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