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HBO’s Silicon Valley may be disguising itself as a comedy, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most stressful shows out there on the market. No other series captures the high ups and downs that go with trying to start your own business. Over the course of the series so far, we’ve seen Richard go from struggling to somewhat prosperous to struggling, to funded and oppressed, to an overthrown founder, and everything in between.

The end of the latest season threw everyone for a loop yet again when, of all people, Big Head and Elrich ended up as the owners of Pied Piper. I honestly had no idea where they would take this show next, and that’s one of its big strengths — it’s unpredictable as all hell. In addition to be incredibly funny, it doubles as a genuinely compelling story outside of the comedy, which is what makes it such a great series.

Season 4 of Silicon Valley seems to be bringing all of the good stuff back, and in another turn, it looks like Richard and Jared will be leaving Pied Piper to pursue their own endeavors. His goal, it seems, is to “build a new internet,” whatever that means. Along the way, he will be getting caught up in large scale fraud, though it’s unclear how all of this stuff will shake out. My biggest criticism of most TV trailers is that, because they don’t have all the footage for a full, complete season, we’re often left with them rearranging footage from the first few episodes in a seemingly random and meaningless way.

Regardless, the show is returning to HBO, and if the trailer is any indication, they will be delivering on the tone and laughs that we’ve learned to love in the past. All the same douchey character are back for a fourth go, and I’m ready to see how this all shakes up. I only hope that when this show finally ends, they’ll actually allow all the characters to be happy for once. Probably not, though.

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Silicon Valley returns to HBO on April 23, 2017!

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