– by Joseph Jammer Medina

By now, it’s abundantly clear that Thor: Ragnarok isn’t your average Thor film. While the Avengers character has had a solid run on the big screen so far, the last film seemed to leave a really bad taste in people’s mouths, and is widely accepted as one of the weakest entries in the MCU.

All the same, it’d be easy for Marvel Studios to proceed with business as usual and create a film that skewed closer to what they had before, but actor Chris Hemsworth knew he had to speak his mind. It was Hemsworth’s idea to cut Thor’s hair and get rid of his hammer, but his inspiration came from the unlikeliest of places — from professional geek Kevin Smith.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, Hemsworth said that he heard Smith bashing on the Thor movies on one of his podcast, and it led to a revelation.

“Hearing someone like Smith, who represents the fanboy world, was such a kick in the ass to change gears. We sort of had nothing to lose. People didn’t expect what we did with it this time around.”

Obviously, this was a big risk. The film had a budget of $180 million — bigger than any other Thor film to date — and they ran the risk of losing what worked with the character to begin with.

So we guess, in a way, we have Kevin Smith to blame for all this…Thanks Kevin Smith?

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SOURCE: Vanity Fair

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