– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Director Taika Waititi has graced many fanboy headlines lately. He’s handling Marvel’s THOR: RAGNAROK and between certain comments he’s made that have started intense conversations about Marvel’s reliance on humor, and the hot rumor about one of the big twists in the film, he’s become quite a hot topic. 

Now, in a talk with Collider, we’ve been given the opportunity to dive a little deeper with this filmmaker who’s about about to crossover into the mainstream in a big way. For starters, he sounds extremely excited to be entering the big-budget-filmmaking world with Marvel. 

“I’ve loved comics since I was a kid, collected them, I’ve always dreamed of being involved in comics. So this is really cool for me.”

On his comments related to “adding jokes” to the established tone of the THOR movies:

“I love that one moment in Avengers when Hulk grabs Loki and rag dolls him. It lends itself to great humor, do you read those comic books? They’re wacky. They’re crazy. I think that‘s exactly what they need, to keep changing it up. They’ve got their dark films, some are more serious, and I think it’s great that they’re mixing it up. I really want to inject my style of humor into this.”

Up next, he dove into Marvel’s process:

“I’ve learned that there are really no rules. There’s no road map. They’re very similar to Pixar in that way. They are constantly looking for the best story, they’ll tear everything down to rebuild it to make sure they have the best story. That’s why Marvel is good they keep pushing and pushing and trying to get the best thing possible. That’s what I’ve discovered the way things have changed.”

Now, and this is a big one, he talks about the importance of restraint and the desire to learn from the mistakes others have made when diving into the world of blockbuster filmmaking:

“This is how I deal with it. I constantly remind myself that there are terrible movies out there. I try to watch them, some of them, to give myself an understanding of what not to do. Because also with that money comes the idea, “Let your imagination run wild.” Which I think is a very dangerous thing. I think it’s dangerous because you can get into pretty wacky territory. There are things that are too crazy. So the films I like to watch are when they make it relatable to human audiences. I’m used to working with restrictions and that’s when you come up with the more creative stuff. So I’m really not trying to do everything that comes to mind because that’s when it can be dangerous. For instance, I believe as much as possible, how your camera moves and flies around should be limited to the physics of how you could do it in real life. If you’re tracking with a character that’s running off a thing and diving off, I would leave the camera there and not follow them down, because cameras don’t do that. The audience understands that. I’ll definitely bring that understanding of keeping things a bit more grounded.”

Aside from the above comments, Waititi also confirmed that THOR: RAGNAROK will be filming in Australia later this year, and that- while he’s not being credited as a writer on the project- he’s being given some leeway to inject the proceedings with his brand of humor. 

SOURCE: Collider

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