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Can you believe it’s been around five movies since we’ve seen the fan favorite character Loki? What’s even crazier is that by the time THOR: RAGNAROK hits theaters, it will have been 8 movies — count em, 8 — since we saw him atop Odin’s throne at the tail end of THOR: THE DARK WORLD. This is a character that had unleashed an unexpected fandom upon the world — a character that, for all intents and purposes — put actor Tom Hiddleston on the map as a mainstream Hollywood actor.

We’ve been anxiously awaiting to see what the future would hold for this character. Did he kill Odin? Is he currently ruling Asgard? How long will it be until we see him again?

It’s no surprise that he’s back for THOR: RAGNAROK, but it is comforting to see him back on set, as revealed via Hiddleston’s Instagram account. Now we’re that much closer to getting many of our questions answered.

Check out the photo below!

He's back!

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One has to wonder what RAGNAROK has in store for this god of mischief. Given the title, we can expect big things from the film as a whole, but can this mean the end for Hiddleston’s reign as Loki? It seems to be the big question mark in every Marvel film: who will die this movie? Loki almost bit the bullet a couple times in THE DARK WORLD, and with the actor’s rising popularity, will this third film mark the end for him? 

Probably not. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR and its sequel seem set to bring back a large majority of the character’s we’ve seen thus far in the MCU, and if there was a time to worry, I’d do so then. For now, just enjoy counting down the days before we see Loki return, and hope that his slicked back hair and flamboyant personality remain intact.

THOR: RAGNAROK hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

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