– by David Kozlowski

Many comic book fans have been critical of DC and Marvel for not sufficiently supporting their film releases. A long-standing goal of the comics’ publishing side of the business is to build and increase comic book readership on the back of each new film, but more often than not the storylines in the comics are vastly different from the events in the films. For example, in the comics, Captain America is currently an agent of Hydra and Sam Wilson bears Cap’s shield… not exactly a smooth on-ramp for new readers coming out of the Captain America: Civil War movie.

Flip the mirror around and one could make a similar case against the films failing to engage the core comic readers with versions of Marvel and DC heroes and villains who look and sound like the source comic’s versions. We all know what happened with the latest Fantastic Four debacle. Fortunately, some execs in Hollywood recognize the importance of giving fans what they want, hence Batman’s costume in Batman v. Superman or Hulk finally speaking in Thor:Ragnarok.

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One of the cool ways that comics and films can create a bridge between hardcore fan base and everyday movie-goers is through film posters and promotional art. The new Thor:Ragnarok movie poster is a love letter to Thor and Hulk fans, expressing bold colors and a stylized composition that screams comic book — Hulk’s appearance is ripped right out of the Planet Hulk comics storyline!

Today, we have a very cool, new cover illustration for Empire Magazine by current Thor comics artist, Russell Dauterman. Empire commissioned the artist to create a one-off pen-and-ink illustration for their September 2017 issue — exclusive to subscribers, apparently. We can’t show the cover here (because copyright law), but we can provide a link:

Click here to see Empire Magazine’s Exclusive Thor Cover!

If you’re hesitant to click the link above (we understand, you don’t want to leave LRM), here’s a sample of Dauterman’s Thor work (the image below is spiritually similar to the Empire cover):

Are you a fan of multiple covers and posters for each MCU film? Let us know in the comments down below!

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

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SOURCE: Empire

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