– by Emmanuel Gomez

Todd Phillips’ Joker has been the a popular topic of conversation as of late. Whether it was it’s success at the Venice Film Festival, the various controversies surrounding the content of the film as well as the possible threats of violence at movie theaters across the country. Last weekend the film finally made it’s theatrical debut and it has been well received by audiences bringing in $96 million domestically and $247 million worldwide. So it is safe to say that a lot of people went out to see this film.


With that said Vanity Fair released a video that features Phillips taking us through the opening scene for the film Joker. In it he explains the reasons why he felt it was necessary for the film to have an unsettling dynamic tension throughout the film that dictated his artistic decisions. You can check out the video above!

It is a very interesting video in which we get all the insights on all the decisions that were made in that opening scene where we first meet Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck. Phillips shows us how he created 1980’s Gotham City to give it that suffocating feeling as if the city was always over you. He even goes on to talk about how important was the way Phoenix ran as the character in that scene when he chases the teenagers that stole his sign. Finally he goes over the choice of the wording for the film at the end.

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Warner Bros. Joker is now in theaters.

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Source: Vanity Fair