– by Joseph Jammer Medina

I know what you are thinking when you read that headline, but no, Tom Cruise isn’t on life support after falling off of an airplane/world’s tallest building/helicopter or what-have-you. Accidents happen on sets all the time. Harrison Ford’s foot was broken by the set of the Millennium Falcon while shooting Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Jeremy Renner recently broke both of his arms on the set of Tag. And now, it appears Tom Cruise has hurt his leg while shooting Mission: Impossible 6.

Deadline reports that in a video obtained by TMZ, Cruise doesn’t quite make a jump and slams into the side of a building. He failed to leap from a rigging onto a building landing, causing the mishap. Cruise pulls himself up onto the building roof, but appears shaken, and afterward has a visible limp.

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Nothing else is known about the injury at this time, but knowing what Cruise puts him through for these Mission: Impossible films, thank the movie gods it wasn’t “The” major stunt from the film — whatever that may be — because those stunts are usually so dangerous that if you make a mistake, you die. Cruise may be 55, but he is in incredible shape. A limp may slow production for a while — after all, Cruise must maintain his patented running stance — but, it doesn’t sound like it spells disaster for the actor or the film.

Let’s hope we don’t hear anything further, as any news concerning an injury could be bad news.

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SOURCE: Deadline

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