– by Seth McDonald

Tom Cruise says he is open to joining the world of superheroes. During a recent interview at Cinema-Con with MTV, the A-lister was asked if Henry Cavill, who Cruise co-stars with in upcoming Mission Impossible: Fallout, had ever tried to persuade Cruise in joining the DC Extended Universe.

“There’s always another mountain in anything. I’ll never say no if I find something that’s interesting, and I think an audience would like to see it, and they’re going to be entertained by it, and I feel like I can contribute something.”

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At this point, why not? The DC films need some sort of kick, and someone like Cruise may just the person. Cruise has more than proven his worth in the action genre, and thinking about it now, it seems odd that he hasn’t appeared in cinematic universes of Marvel or DC’s. Long ago, Cruise was rumored to be attached to play Iron Man, but Cruise himself says he was never close.

While I’m not a huge fan of Cruise, I do you think he would do well in a superhero role, of course picking the right one for him would be crucial.

In what superhero role would you cast Tom Cruise? Let us know in the comments down below! (Both serious and sarcastic comments are welcomed)

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Source: MTV at CinemaCon (via ScreenRant)