– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Tom Hiddleston and the rest of original set of superheroes have had a pretty sweet gig for the past decade or so. He’s been able to bring one of the most memorable comic book villains to the big screen over the course of several films. What’s resulted is one of the best on-screen brother dynamics ever, but apparently, that’s not enough for the British thespian.

During a recent press event for Avengers: Infinity War, the actor was asked by Collider if there was another Marvel character he’d like to play. Here’s what he had to say:

“Gosh, I don’t know. Is there a Captain Britain? Is he an interesting character? Probably there is. The one I used to love when i was a child was Galactus. Could be motion capture. Does one get to double up? Chris Evans got to double up, I suppose.”

In case it’s unclear, Evans doubled up as the Human Torch back when he starred in the Fox-produced Fantastic Four films. Yeah, I’m not sure how willing Marvel would be to give two high-profile villain character to the same guy, but you never know. If they do go the motion-capture route (probably beats the a more practical look, which would look absolutely ridiculous), there is a chance that they can make sure he’s unrecognizable, and they could even potentially do voice modification.

As of right now, it’s not entirely possible since Galactus is over at Fox, but once that deal between them and Disney goes through, the sky’s the limit, right?

In short, it’s possible…but is that something we’d really want? Probably not. Like many, I’d be perfectly content to see him as Loki and Loki alone.

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SOURCE: Collider

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