– by Seth McDonald

James Franco’s The Disaster Artist has brought filmmaker Tommy Wiseau into the spotlight. Franco’s film chronicles the making of Wiseau’s so bad its good cult classic, The RoomThe Disaster Artist has even paved the way for The Room to get a widespread theatrical release, 14 years after its initial debut. A fan tweeted the question “Marvel or DC?” to Wiseau, he seemed very enthusiastic about the possibility and you can see his response below:

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I think on some level, if the right character is chosen, this could actually work. The Room, as bad as it is, does have its own sort of unique charm, and I think if Wiseau’s talents were paired correctly, this could be something special. The problem is, it is highly unlikely that Marvel or DC would agree to let Wiseau direct a film.

Like a lot of people, I am just now becoming familiar with The Room and Tommy Wiseau. I will say I have become a fan of the film, it really is some of the best worst acting I have seen, though there are a number of films that can compete with it, including Troll 2 and the Birdemic franchise.

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