– by Seth McDonald

James Franco’s The Disaster Artist has brought filmmaker Tommy Wiseau into the spotlight. Franco’s film chronicles the making of Wiseau’s so bad its good cult classic, The RoomThe Disaster Artist has even paved the way for The Room to get a widespread theatrical release, 14 years after its initial debut. A fan tweeted the question “Marvel or DC?” to Wiseau, he seemed very enthusiastic about the possibility and you can see his response below:

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I think on some level, if the right character is chosen, this could actually work. The Room, as bad as it is, does have its own sort of unique charm, and I think if Wiseau’s talents were paired correctly, this could be something special. The problem is, it is highly unlikely that Marvel or DC would agree to let Wiseau direct a film.

Like a lot of people, I am just now becoming familiar with The Room and Tommy Wiseau. I will say I have become a fan of the film, it really is some of the best worst acting I have seen, though there are a number of films that can compete with it, including Troll 2 and the Birdemic franchise.

Would you watch a Tommy Wiseau directed superhero film? Let us know in the comments down below!

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  • TheFrank

    I hear that there might be a directorial opening soon in the Star Wars franchise. He should send Disney a demo reel. You never know… They hired Rian, after all.

    • Chris

      He’s not that bad.

    • PK

      Another crying star wars baby

      • TheFrank

        TLJ is currently running at roughly 68% to where TFA was at this time if you believe the weekend estimates. There’s no crying about it; People have been & are voting with their feet.

        To be fair to you and those who think that TLJ is a good film, TLJ would have to do $23m on Christmas Day to stay at that 68% level. For every successive percentage point above that 68%, TLJ would have to add an additional $6m to that total (ex. For 69%, it would be roughly $29m, etc.). Those numbers are certainly possible and I’m even expecting that to occur.

        The foreign box office has also not been kind to TLJ thus far. The three biggest foreign BOs for TFA were Germany, the UK & China. China hasn’t even opened yet. The first weekends for Germany & the UK are 85% & 74% to where TFA was, respectively.

        TFA, by this time, had already generated 57% of it’s domestic revenue. If TLJ follows the exact same path, it only generates $631m domestic total. Even being generous, it’s increasingly doubtful that TLJ will reach $700m+ unless the remaining Christmas / New Year’s period is extremely kind to it.

        Crying? The only people crying at the moment are the Disney executives who allowed this fiasco to culminate with the damaging of this brand. All of the OT characters are gone (Fisher for real, Solo & Luke fictionally) & none of the ST characters has any of the same type of broad-based appeal.

        Star Wars isn’t just any franchise; Disney paid billions for the rights and has invested billions more in the development and marketing of the property. This film has damaged the brand for both hardcore and casual fans.

        • claudiomario


          • TheFrank

            Xmas #s are in and, as expected, TLJ got a reprieve (temporary or permanent, I’ll let the fanbois decide). I don’t like using 4-day estimates but those are the only #s that we have to work with until we get actuals. Therefore, TLJ is now running at just under 70% domestic revenue when compared to where TFA was at this time.

            It doesn’t push the needle much in TLJ’s favor but, at this point, any good news for them is welcome news.

        • PK

          Who the fuck cares about box office numbers ????

        • syambo87

          JERRY MAGUIRE was a Good Film but An Epic Box Office Flop… it only made $5 million… Mark Hamill himself said that the sad thing about the business is that sometimes its not whether the movie is a Quality film… as long as its making money… but he wasnt saying about how the Last Jedi wasn’t a Quality Film…

          • Kindofabigdeal

            The only reason it didn’t make any money is because bees can smell fear.

  • suckit15694

    yes please . heard this guy on Howard Stern he is fucking crazy . he should do a comedy comic book movie

  • denzel_hh

    I can totally see him directing a segment in an upcoming Deadpool sequel. Hell, with all the 4th wall breaking he could even build in a cameo for himself.

    Other than that, there are enough obscure Z-list superheroes out there who would work as a template for another weird-ass Wiseau cult flick. Ever heard of “US1”, Marvel’s Superhero Trucker? The Great Lake Avengers? A Howard the Duck reboot? Enless possibilies…

    • Kindofabigdeal

      Tommy is actually part of Marvel canon. He was an on the run alien hiding from the Guardians of the Galaxy on earth. While on Earth he made a film. He is discovered after Deadpool buys a copy of The Room for Captain Marvel for Christmas. He was supposed to get her a copy of Room, starring Brie Larson.

  • Moby85

    I got my sealed copy of The Room DVD yesterday. It came with a picture of a shirtless Tommy Wiseau and a mail order card for his underwear company.

    Let him direct anything.

  • Lenin1959

    Definitely the right guy to direct a Luke Skywalker solo movie! Disney, this is your chance to dig Luke’s grave even deeper, don’t miss it!

    • Derek NOLA

      i actually think this guy would do a better job

      • Behemothrex

        Oh hi Luke…..couldn’t make it worse.

        • Kindofabigdeal

          No Wiseau would call him Mark the entire movie.

  • PK

    You really wasted time writing this

  • Derek NOLA

    well fantastic four has been ruined twice so maybe third times the charm too lol

  • Nay sayer!

    He can do whatever the hell he wants and nobody should stand in his way. If he wants to be Iron man let him, Galactus, Reed etc. give him the damn role!!

  • Food4Thought

    I did not leave the door open to the batcave! I DID NOT! Oh hello Alfred.

  • Food4Thought

    Can’t be worse than the Justice League. In fact I enjoyed the room more.

    • syambo87

      harsh but fair

      • Food4Thought


  • syambo87

    Tommy Wiseau… i think i wouldnt mind giving him a crack at Moon Knight… just let him try… if its bad.. doesnt have to be distributed.. but i think he might be able to pull of a Moon Knight film…


    Any studio dumb enough to give Wisseau a dollar to be involved in the making of a superhero film deserves to lose money.