– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The past couple weeks have been interesting. While the character of Bo Peep was revealed for Toy Story 4, it’s clear that she’s seen some s**t. Her staff has been patched up and so has her arm, hinting at the fact that her life for the past few years haven’t been so pleasant.

However, the circumstances in which she is returning aren’t quite clear as of yet. The synopsis looks like it will revolve around Woody teaching Forky the importance of being a toy, but there doesn’t seem to be much indication yet as to how emotional things will be. However, Tom Hanks has said in the past that he had to turn away to deliver the last emotional lines of the film, and apparently, as Tim Allen revealed to The Talk, he had to do the same:

“The last couple scenes — especially the last lines of the movie will be a memorable moment for everybody. And Bo Peep has been missing and you’re going to find out very tragically where she’s been and what that means for toys like her. And Woody has to decide where he falls on that deal, and it’s so clever, so wonderful, so warm, and how they do this…The story is so emotional, so funny, and so brilliant.”

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In this interview, Allen even mentions something that’s been going on in my head for some time. As I’ve said many times, Toy Story 3 ended so perfectly that I couldn’t think of a way for this film to justify its existence after that perfect trilogy-capper. Woody and co. ended up with an imaginative girl who loves nothing more than to play with them. Happy ending, right? Well, maybe not:

Toy Story 3 ended originally with the little girl just sitting there, and all of us saw that little girl smile and Andy said with his eyes ‘she might take care of these toys.’… Well, maybe she didn’t take care of us so well. And it’s just wonderful where it goes.”

Ah! This is all the more horrifying since the shorts Pixar has produced seem to indicate that Bonnie continues to be the perfect toy-owner for toys like Woody…so what will have changed between them and the fourth film? I’m interested to see.

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SOURCE: The Talk

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