– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Boy, oh boy. Who ever is in charge of managing Josh Trank’s career had better put a leash on their boy. The director tweeted out- and then deleted- a thinly-veiled jab at 20th Century Fox. The thing is, it’s 2015. Deleting means nothing in this day and age, when millions of people have access to your twitter feed and the ability to screen-grab anything that’s remotely interesting. And Trank doesn’t exactly have the clout to be thumbing his nose at studios like Fox. The man’s got two movies to his name- Chronicle and now Fantastic Four. The former was a surprise, sleeper hit that managed to make considerable cash on a rather minuscule budget. The latter is on the cusp of being a high profile misfire. 

A resumé like that doesn’t exactly make you a “made man” in Hollywood. But still, here’s what he said:

There’s been talk, for some time, that behind-the-scenes issues were rampant throughout the production of Fantastic Four. From Trank keeping himself isolated through a lot of it, to extensive reshoots spearheaded by producer Simon Kinberg, to rumors that Matthew Vaughn had to be brought in to fix a large portion of the film- which ate up the money that was going to be spent on a 3D conversation- it sounds like Fox may just be happy to get this whole unfortunate incident behind them. Word has it that Trank’s erratic behavior was so distasteful for Kinberg, who’s also producing one of the Star Wars Anthology films, that he was the one that helped usher Trank out of the director’s chair for that film.

Regardless, Trank isn’t doing himself any favors with tweets like these. When it comes to blockbuster films, studios are always going to have a say. If he doesn’t like that, then he should stick to smaller films like Chronicle. Though, with the reputation he’s earning around Hollywood, that’s something that may just work itself out on its own.

SOURCE: Twitter

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