– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Success breeds repetition, especially in Hollywood. I don’t think I’m revealing anything crazy-new by saying that. Hell, it’s not just Hollywood, but entertainment on any level. If something hits it big, it seems like a clear indication that there’s a void that needs filling in entertainment, and studios are ready and willing to fill that void. Such could be the case with the Transformers franchise if Bumblebee succeeds.

After a handful of epic, ball-busting action films, it became clear after Transformers: The Last Knight that mainstream audiences had finally moved on from whatever the series was offering. No longer would ridiculous action and immense scope help to cover up the flaws inherent in the story. With their latest outing, Bumblebee, things are getting more personal

“We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from the fans that they wanted us to do a deep dive on one or two of the robots, because they wanted to get to know them better,” franchise producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura told EW. “Bumblebee was selected because he’s such a loved figure, and he’s also more emotional than Optimus. Those were the two likely characters.”

“[Prime]’s a stoic leader, and you can count on him. Whereas Bumblebee is the one who is more emotionally volatile. He has a lot of ups and downs. So it seemed like the best character to try for the first time zeroing in on one Autobot.”

But can we expect an Optimus Prime spin-off?

“I’d certainly like to do that. It would be a very different kind of movie than a Bumblebee movie, but equally interesting and different.”

Okay, but that’s not to say that they’d leave Bumblebee out to dry if it does well:

“If Bee’s successful, we can have a Bee 2, no doubt. We have a good sense of where a second movie would go. For me, the greatest thing that came out of the writer’s room was the sense that we could go in any number of directions. It opened up our minds to choices.”

Do you think taking this approach of handling one or two robots a movie is the way to go? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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