TV: 5 Reasons Why I Have No Idea What to Expect from ARROW: Season 5

As Arrow: Season 5 approaches, I have had high hopes that this season will be different.  Sources say that the series will return to its roots.  This season has to be better for the sake of the show!  With that in mind, I can’t figure out what path the creators want to go with the tone.  There is information that seems to contradict itself.  Check out my 5 Reasons I Have No Idea What to Expect from Arrow: Season 5:

1. July – Ragman was cast.

Back in July, I wrote an article about the casting of Ragman that you can read HERE!

For anyone unfamiliar with the character, Ragman wears an enchanted costume called the Suit of Souls which takes the souls of the guilty in order to redeem them.  It is also known that he is, “Skilled in the use of magic” (DCWiki).  

Thought-Magic pretty much sums this character up…

2.  August – Arrow Executive Producer Reassures Arrow: Season 5 Will Go Back To Its Roots

My wonderful colleague, Joseph Medina, reported on the 24th a great article, which can be found HERE.

Medina’s report includes quotes from Arrow Executive Wendy Mericle concerning how they intend to take Arrow back to what made the series popular in Season 1; its dark, gritty tone.

Thought – Yes!  Just what fans have been hoping for!

3.  Today – Photos of Season 5 Villain Released

Today, photos of the Season 5 villain, Prometheus were released.  They look good and are reflective of the costumes, and tones of Seasons 1 and 2.  It also takes viewers back to trying to figure out who the individual behind the mask is, rather than seeing the villain in an all black suit every week.  

Thought – Yes! This is definitely promising!

4. Today – Casting News – David Meuiner cast as Ishmael Gregor

Ishmael Gregor is a character also known for his demon-entity form, Sabbac.  What are Sabbac’s powers? “Superhuman strength, speed and endurance, durability, flight, fire-breath, fire blasts… aka, magical characteristics…”(DCWiki).

That was disappointing, but then I thought, “Since Ishmael Gregor will serve his purpose in the flashbacks, maybe magic will only be in the flashbacks!” …which bring me to #5

5.  August – Executive Producer Says Flashbacks Will Be “Dark and Gritty”

Executive Producer, Wendy Mericle spoke to TVline concerning the Season 5 flashbacks and stated, “We really wanted to go gritty, dark, and make it feel very real. We’re dealing with the Bratva, and the Bratva is, as we all know, a pretty interesting and messed-up institution. I might get shot for saying that, but hey!”

The part that caught my eye was, “…and make it feel very real.”  

Thought-That would not be magic…

With those 5 different pieces of news I honestly have no idea what Arrow: Season 5 will look like.  Maybe Ragman will be used in a cross-over episode.  Maybe Ishmael Gregor will not take his demonic form.  I don’t think anyone can blame fans for being skeptical considering last season, but I am hoping that the creators choose a tone, and stick with it.

Side Note – How did Oliver’s hair get so long again for the Season 5 flashbacks when it was buzzed for the Season 4 flashbacks?

What are your thoughts?  Do the different forms of news have you worried?  Do they seem to contradict each other, or do you think everything will play out well?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks again for reading!

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