TV: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Last Refuge” Review

The time masters police force needs a big overhaul.  So far in one season we have seen the Time Master Council send bounty hunters onthree different occasions to go after Rip Hunter and the crew.  With the bounty hunters are 0 for 3 trying to take down Rip, I think it’s safe to say that the Time Council needs to really think about who they send next. 

The introduction of The Pilgrim was a nice addition that I wish hadn’t been ended with this episode.  It’s a shame that she was destroyed as the plot line for this episode could’ve easily been the plot for the first half of Season 2.  Something the showrunners and writers of this show, The Flash, and Arrow have a problem doing is the quickly killing off some villains who could have multi-episode arcs.  The only adversary to the team that has shown a true resistance is Vandal Savage but going forward into Season 2 their will need to be multiple villains that challenge the team over the season.

The plot of the team having to save their younger selves from the Pilgrim gave an insight to some character backgrounds we hadn’t seen yet. Jackson, Mick, and Rip all had a time to reflect back on their younger self giving us an idea of how they become the men they are now.  Understanding that Mick’s rough tough attitude is a cover to all the guilt he carries for killing his family was something that gave understanding of what forged him into a life of crime.  Allowing Mick to interact with his younger self and release the guilt he has carried will allow his character to evolve into something that represents a hero.

The moment with Jackson and his father was touching and gives us more about Jackson’s motivation to be who he is.  His past mentioned just briefly in his in The Flash and early episodes of Legends of Tomorrow.  Jackson has been the character with the least amount of time devoted to his growth.  The only issue I had with this part of the Episode is when Jackson warns his dad about the day he dies.  If he were to survive wouldn’t it alter the time line and would prevent Jackson from becoming ½ of Firestorm?  This is where the rules of time travel on this show gets gray and we aren’t given a definitive answer.

The Ray/Kendra/Carter love triangle wasn’t a strength this episode.  In a moment of despair Kendra confessed her love which resulted in Ray proposing to her.  It was awkward for Kendra as well as the audience.  When the team has to save their loved ones from being killed by the Pilgrim we see that Ray bring his fiancée from the past Anna on board the ship to protect her.  Unlike Jackson trying to prevent his father from dying, Ray doesn’t say or do anything to change Anna’s past.  This seemed very odd for me since it was her death that motivated Ray into becoming the Atom.  Here was Ray’s opportunity to savehis first love but it doesn’t even cross his mind.  This should’ve challenged Ray’s feelings with Kendra and see if he could protect his first love.

It’s is nice to see Sara has moved on from her guilty conscience of blood lusting.  Her character has had the most growth of the season as we have seen the most of her past.  Earlier in the season we got to see her reasons for joining the League of Assassins.  This episode delved into the father daughter relationship between Sara and Detective Lance.  It was kind of weird to see Detect Lance with hair.  The difference in five years showed us how much Sara has grown as a character.  She has developed into a strong leader.

Overall this episode had some flaws but overall it was a good set up to the final episodes of the season.  The last scene depicts the team was running out of time to stop Savage before they are forgotten in their timeline.  This means that there shouldn’t be any more interruptions to confronting Savage one final time.  I am looking forward to the end of this season.


Anybody else realize we didn’t get a reference of Kendra being a barista this episode.

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