– by Mark Cook

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Gordon –  The episode opens with Mario meeting a scientist at a bar inquiring about the blood tests being run on Alice Tetch’s blood.  Mario ends up crushing the scientist’s skull, imagining it was Jim Gordon.  It is obvious that the blood is taking over him as it did Barnes.

Gordon and Bullock investigate the homicide of the scientist.  They find a clue that leads them to Gotham Bio Lab where they know Alice’s blood is being tested.  Gordon goes to Arkham in order to visit Jervis Tetch to find out who else could be infected with Alice’s blood.  Viewers find that Jervis experimented with the blood on someone, but he will not reveal who.   Through his rhymes, Tetch alludes to Mario being the individual he tested on.  Gordon has Lucius Fox test Mario’s blood, which comes up clean, without traces of the Tetch blood.  Mario gives Gordon some snide remarks, and Gordon responds saying he will prove Mario has the blood in him and he will never let the wedding happen. 

Gordon tries to find Lee, but encounters Mario instead.  Tetch injected Mario when Gordon was hallucinating, when Mario came to save him.  As Gordon says he will prove Mario has the blood in him, he pulls a gun on Mario.  He is quickly reminded of the Falcone family power when Mario has Victor Zsasz enter holding Gordon at gun point.  Zsasz lets Gordon go saying he only had to hold him for a limited time.

Gordon confronts Lee, but Mario already told her his side of the story.  Gordon realizes Mario, and Zsasz, had set him up knowing he would find Lee and come across as the jealous ex-boyfriend. Upon this realization, Gordon truthfully admits his love for Lee, and tells her about the time he went to see her when she was first with Mario and how he regrets not coming to see her when he got out of prison.  Lee smacks Gordon for keeping this from her until now, and tells him to leave.  When he refuses, she asks the person behind Gordon to see him out…it is Carmine Falcone!!  This leads to Lee walking down the aisle to marry Mario and Falcone’s men escorting Gordon out and jumping him in the process.

Fox informs Bullock and Gordon that he found out a way that Mario could have covered the trace of Tetch’s blood in his system.  As the GCPD find the remedy at Mario’s house, they discover he and Lee already left town.  Gordon goes to speak with Carmine who had no clue that Mario had the Tetch blood in him.  He then tells Gordon where to find Mario only if he promises to bring him in unharmed.

As Gordon arrives at the cabin Lee and Mario are staying at, he finds a deranged Mario coming at Lee with a knife.  Gordon shoots Mario with the knife falling into the lake.  Lee did not see Mario coming after her or that he had a knife!  All she saw was Gordon come in and shoot him!

Predictions – What a great story-line!  Gordon can’t seem to catch a break.  Yes, he saved Lee but she has no idea Mario was trying to kill her, and the knife is apparently lost at sea.  I did not expect Mario to die, let alone this soon.  This will only intensify the bitter relationship between Carmine, Gordon, and Lee.  The only request Carmine had was for Gordon to bring back Mario unharmed.  Between this incident, and Carmine’s interaction with the Court of Owls, look for Falcone to come out of his “retirement” during the second half of the season and bring everything he has to Gordon.  While Gordon will have to answer to Carmine, he will also have to answer to Lee.  Let’s not also forget that someone wearing the same ring his father gave him is a part of the Court of Owls.  Look for the second half of the season to be the toughest test Gordon has come up against to date.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Nygma / Barbara / Cobblepot – Barbara comes to meet with Nygma in order to manipulate him in order to start a war.  She plants the seed in his mind that Penguin was behind killing Isabella.  Nygma does notwant to believe Barbara, but she continues to press him letting him know that Penguin did it out of jealous love. 

Nygma turns in his letter of resignation, which shocks Cobblepot.  Nygma tells him that he wants to be more than friends, which leads to Cobblepot confessing his love for him.  Much to his surprise, Nygma tells him there was a misunderstanding and that he was going to suggest becoming business partners.  Nygma abruptly leaves seemingly knowing the truth.

Nygma is later seen daydreaming of stabbing Cobblepot in the back.  Shockingly, he puts a knife away as Cobblepot tells him that he is the best friend he has ever had.  Nygma replies that Cobblepot is the best friend he has had and to remember that, still seeming as if he has something planned.

Nygma comes to see Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch.  Before they try to kill him, Barbara tells them to listen to him.  Nygma said he wants them to completely destroy Penguin, and in return he apologies to a pissed off Tabitha, and promises to help Barbara take of the Gotham Underworld.

Predictions – Cobblepot’s love for Nygma has made him lose his focus, and the fearless bite we have seen in previous seasons.  Nygma did a wonderful job setting up Cobblepot in order to see if what Barbara said was true.  This part of the plot is finally gaining steam.  Nygma forming the unlikely alliance with Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch has great potential, but expect there to be major issues due to the fallout of Nygma’s “interrogation” of the two.  I’m glad to see Barbara and Tabitha gaining more screen time.  Their characters work well together and I look forward to their rise in the Gotham Underworld.  

Also, look for this incident to restore Penguin to his rightful self.  I have missed the manipulative, intelligent, evil Penguin we have seen in the past seasons.  Now that he has lost yet another love, watch for he and Nygma to continually one-up each other in their retaliations during the second half of the season.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Bruce and Selina  â€“ Bruce is seen aligning himself with another member of the Whisper Gang in order to take on the Court of Owls.  This individual leads Alfred, Bruce, and Selina to the Court of Owls safe where the key they found belongs.  Selina is not fond of the idea of breaking into a place the Court of Owls owns.  She feels that he is playing with fire, yet Alfred assures her that he is only doing it to protect the ones he cares about, including her.  As Alfred and Bruce discuss Selina’s reservations, Alfred tells him that the Whisper Gang turning on them isn’t what he fears.  We then see Talon in a room with a handful of members from the Whisper Gang hanging upside down.  As he paces, he slashes one of their throats.

Selina decides to help Bruce and Alfred infiltrate the Court of Owls safe house.  Bruce and Selina get to the safe as Alfred checks the rest of the house.  Selina opens the safe finding a white owl inside.  As she begins to take the owl, Talon arrives behind Bruce knocking him to the floor and making Selina fall, sounding the alarm. Viewers catch a glimpse of Bruce using gadgets in order to evade trouble leading to Alfred fighting Talon.  As the three continuing to distract Talon, Alfred takes a knife and stabs him in the throat.  As he falls, viewers finally see the person who has been watching them; Selina’s mother!!

Predictions – The Bruce / Selina plot is beginning to take shape as well.  It was nice to see Bruce using gadgets in order to achieve his goal and deceive Talon.  The dynamics between the two characters are becoming more reflective of their comic counterparts.  I was surprised to see Talon killed this early, but could there be another in waiting?  The incorporation of Selina’s mother at the end was a complete surprise to me.  Why was she there?  It seems as if she may have had former ties to the Court of Owls.  Was this possibly why she left Selina? Does she know Gordon’s family member who is in the Court?  Expect the Court to make more direct appearances in the second half of the season.

Look who will be making a return in January!!

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

What’d you think of Gotham: Season 3 – “Beware the Green-Eyed Monster”?  After two solid episodes in a row, do you think the second half of the season will make up for the first half? What role do you think Jerome will play?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!