– by Mark Cook

Gotham: Season 3, Episode 4 is here!  What type of fall-out will we get from last week’s episode?  Will Nygma and Cobblepot continue their masterminding ways in the Penguin’s bid for Mayor?  What will Bruce’s doppleganger do to Selina?  Will Tetch find Alice and reveal to viewers his actual intentions?  Read my review to find out!


****SPOILERS for Gotham: Season 3, Episode 4**** 




Gotham begins with Bullock and Gordon speaking to Alice at the GCPD.  Alice states that Jervis had kept her a prisoner, which she escaped, and Strange eventually found her and locked her in Indian Hill.  She claims that she isn’t a monster, but her brother is… Alice lets Lee know that she was born with her condition, while she is having test run on her.  She lets Lee know that Jervis preys on fear, regret, pain, etc. and that once he is in one’s head, the individual is dead.  She later informs Gordon how Tetch manipulates individuals.  She also lets him know that he would put thoughts in her head that no brother should ever have.  I was curious last episode as to the relationship between Jervis and Alice.  The way he referred to his love for her seemed more than average brotherly love.  She never says what thoughts he put in her head, but with her wanting to kill him because of them, one can only imagine.  After an emotional encounter, Lee tells Gordon that Tetch preys on regret and anger, which Gordon obviously has a good deal of.

Gordon goes to see Barbara to find out where Tetch is.  She dropped some fun Easter eggs as she said Tetch may be, “Wearing a top hat and drinking tea.”  She also went on to say that Gordon was acting as if they were married.  She continues to display her deep, psychotic love for Gordon.  I feel the actress does a great job balancing a “normal” facade while being able to express his mental issues within an instant. To me, that is what makes her such an intriguing character.  I wonder if Gordon will be drawn back to her at all now that Lee has “moved on”.

Tetch make his first appearance of the show with a hypnotized individual, which he eliminates in typicalHatter fashion by slamming his head with a mallet at a carnival game. Tetch returns to haunt Gordon’s mind and nearly has him step in front of a semi-truck while he is under the Hatter’s trance. As Tetch tries to gain some muscle in Gotham, he finds Deedle and Dumbfrey Tweed, known in the Batman U-Verse as Tweedledee and Tweedledumb.  This episode has done a good drop of dropping Easter eggs from the Batman U-Verse.   Tetch brings the Tweeds to GCPD in order to get Alice back.  Is it me or is GCPD the easiest police department to infiltrate?  Tetch shows the stronghold he still has over Gordon’s mind prior to escaping with Alice.  Tetch sets up a tea party with Alice looking like her counterpart from Alice in Wonderland, and Hatter proceeds to take blood from her.  For as much as he cares for Alice, his true nature is shown as he hides behind her when Gordon confronts him with a gun.  During the gun melee, Alice is struggling to get away from Tetch, and as he tells her he loves her, she falls off a ledge and is impaled by a pipe.  I didn’t see this part coming.  I thought Alice would continue to figure in to the plot, but maybe her death will be the tipping point for Tetch truly driving him into insanity.  He blamed Gordon when in actuality it was his fault.  Benedict Samuel does an amazing job in this role.  His interpretation is close to the source material and displays the psychotic nature of the Hatter while seamlessly showing Tetch’s negligence for any situation he is at fault for.

Nygma and Penguin are seen discussing the election for mayor.  Nygma claims that Arkham has made both he and Cobblepot stronger.  Butch and Nygma are seen to have tension between the two when Butch was seen speaking with some individuals Nygma felt were skeptical.  He continues to watch as Butch seems to run some shady dealings.  Butch seems to be paying off the election board.  I found it funny that Penguin’s running motto is, “Make Gotham Safe Again”.  A funny jab at Trump’s motto.  Nygma lets Penguin know that Butch is paying off officials and urges Penguin to win it out-right as he thinks he can.  He comes up with a clever way to play on Cobblepot’s emotions.  I am interested to see how these two work this season as both always seem to be methodical and numerous steps ahead of all the other characters.  Nygma goes back to every official and takes the money back.  Butch is ready to kill Nygma, and Penguin is ready to let him until the announcement is made that he wins the election by a landslide.  Nygma shows Penguin that he is loved by Gotham and he never would have known if he had paid the town off.  Wait for the dynamics between Penguin and Nygma to get even better, while the Nygma / Butch relationship could get interesting moving forward.  Penguin accepts the position and makes Nygma his Chief of Staff, much to the dismay of Butch.  Nygma is as intelligent as ever.  He truly believes Penguin can win, but also knows that he can have emotional control / connection with Cobblepot due to Cobblepot’s nature of wanting to be liked.  This connects back to Season 1 when Cobblepot was rarely taken seriously by any other characters.

The doppelganger story-line returns as viewers find out that the twin totaled the Rolls- Royce.  Bruce knows that he went to find Selina.  We get to see more of Selina’s manipulative nature as she goes to rob a bar.  She gets caught in the back office of the bar stealing money.  Right when she is about to get her finger cut off for her troubles, the doppelganger comes in and saves her by displaying his fighting skills. When Selina sees that he is hurt, she realizes other scars and knows that he is not actually Bruce.  He ends up kissing Selina and she doesn’t seem to push him away.  The doppelganger is extremely blunt with Bruce telling him, “For someone having everything, Bruce has no idea what he wants.”  He then goes on to say he is leaving Gotham, as it isn’t for him, and jumps off a roof, disappearing across the street.

The episode ends with two really interesting cliffhangers:

 1. The Court of Owls find, and kidnap, Bruce’s doppelganger saying that they have been looking for him.  They tell him he can be so much more than Bruce Wayne and that they are his parents.  It looks as if we may start to find out what exactly the Court of Owls were hoping to accomplish with him.  Many people think this is going the Hush route.  Does that mean the Tommy Elliot from Season 1 wouldn’t be the same we know?  What do think?

2. Blood left over from Alice drips off the pipe that impaled her and lands…in Commissioner Barnes’ eye!  He immediately realizes the effects.  Tetch wanted the blood from Alice.  Will he now be going after Barnes?  What powers will this give Barnes?  How will this change Barnes as a leader?

What did you think of the episode?  What’s next for our favorite Gotham characters? Leave your thoughts in the usual spot and thanks for reading!