– by Mark Cook

Fox has released an official poster for Gotham – Season 3.  The third season of the series looks to focus on the Court of Owls.  The Court was teased throughout Season 2 as seemingly the true brains leading Hugo Strange and his Indian Hill experiments.

The Court of Owls story line was published as part of the New 52 series and focused on the group being know throughout Gotham as an urban legend which had been taken from a nursery rhyme.  In reality, the Court was a secret society of organized crime hidden among some of Gotham’s most prestigious individuals dating back to the Colonial Era.  Season 2 also gave the audience great indication that the Court are the individuals responsible for the murder of the Wayne’s.

Will Gotham create their own story for Season 3’s Court of Owls or will they stay true to the comics?  Tune in  Monday, September 19th at 8 PM ET to find out!


Source: ComingSoon.net