TV: Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot, Part 2” Review

I apologize for not getting this review out sooner.  I somehow lost the notes I typed up last night after the show and had to write everything again.

The second part of Legends of Tomorrow Pilot really focused on the impact of time traveling.  Throughout the show you can see why the Time Keepers in the first episode refused to give Rip Hunter a time machine to alter time.  This episode did a great job showing the impact of altering time with Ray losing a small piece of his suit in a fight which Vandal Savage will reengineer the technology to create a weapon more powerful that a nuclear bomb.  The other timeline influence came straight from Back to the Future with Professor Stein interacting with his younger self in order to get a piece of tech to find the piece of Ray’s suit.  By Stein interacting with his younger self it interfered with the moment he met his wife.  We see the ramifications of this incident with Steins wedding ring disappearing. 

The Good:  Adding Miller and Purcell to the show was thegreatest decision the producers have made so far.  Without these two I don’t know if this show would’ve made it to series let alone past the pilot episode.  The best parts of this episode where when the duo were the main focus, whether it was Miller pretending to one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist in the world or showing Palmer how to break into Vandal Savage’s home.  Pairing Cold and Heatwave together with Ray Palmer really exposed the inner feelings of the characters.  Where Palmer is striving to be the perfect hero so that he will be remembered for eternity the opposite can be said for Cold and Heatwave.  Their approaches to both scenarios with Vandal Savage were polar opposite.  Ray made his presence known with his technology and brains where Cold’s way was more methodical and low key.  It will be entertaining how each week we see Cold and Heatwave continue to grow into their roles as heroes.

The other aspect of this episode I enjoyed was the interaction between Carter and Kendra and the sacrifice of Carter to try and stop Vandal Savage.  Since their inclusion on the Flash it seemed to me that one of them were going to have to be killed in order to motivate the others to take the fight to Vandal Savage.  I wonder if there will still be some way Hawkman will be later introduced to us in a different time period or will that be against the rules of time traveling.

The Bad: The focus of this episode was the generic hero’s journey we all know.  Group gets together to stop bad guy.  Each hero believes they know how to stop bad guy and fail.  One hero sacrifices themselves for the greater good and the rest band together and fight in his honor.   I understand the need to rush the story for the pilot episode but the sacrifice of Carter felt too rushed.  Coming from producers that gave us shows like Arrow and Flash where the impacts of characters deaths are strong, it surprised me how they killed Carter off so fast.  It took a full season for Tommy’s death on Arrow and Barry had to relive his mother’s death at the end of the season.  It would’ve been better served if Carter had died at the mid-season or season finale.

Ugly:  The choreographing for the fight scenes do not live up to its predecessors of Arrow or Flash.  With so many characters it is difficult for the focus to be on one set of characters fighting but the main fight scene at the warehouse was difficult to follow.

Overall:  This was a good episode to compliment the first pilot episode.  If the show continues to focus on the strengths of the characters it will provide a good foundation for the rest of the season. 

Let us know what you all thought of the episode last night.


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