– by Campbell Clark

After a new TV spot was released yesterday for Avengers: Endgame we thought that might be it for a while. But it seems the marketing machine is rolling forward from now till the movie’s release.

As such today we have two more new TV spots to feast your eyes upon. Whilst there is nothing dramatically different in these TV spots, there are a few differences from the last trailer, not much though. Check them out below courtesy of Anton Volkov on Twitter.

It’s very noticeable that Marvel is showing as little footage of this movie as possible right now, while still trying to build hype for the movie. Frankly, I reckon they could show even less and still not have it affect box office sales when the movie releases. I just don’t see a situation where Endgame doesn’t bring in all the same audience who watched Infinity War, possibly with some of those who didn’t catch the movie at theaters also.

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It’s a fine balancing act to promote a huge movie like this and yet try and maintain the secrecy and surprise of what that movie will entail. Personally, I much prefer the constant teasing approach Marvel is taking here to the likes of Aquaman from WB. Much as I still watched that movie and enjoyed it, I also felt like the promotional trailers, TV spots and extended clips were far too much.

It worked out fine for WB as Aquaman was very much a success, but I personally prefer the more conservative Marvel approach. Especially when there are so many potential spoilers for a movie like this, which is acting like a second part of one story or a final part of 22 stories depending on how you view it yourself.

What do you think of the new TV spots and are you a fan of the less is more approach to marketing like me? Let us know what you think and if you spotted any more clues in these new TV spots that I may have missed.

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SOURCE: Anton Volkov (Via Twitter)