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Two Sauron’s In The Rings Of Power Season 2 | Barside Buzz

Apparently there are two Sauron's in The Rings of Power Season 2! That's the latest Barside Buzz plus a few other Sauron rumors.

Apparently there are two Sauron’s in The Rings of Power Season 2! That’s the latest Barside Buzz plus a few other Sauron rumors. The information comes from FoF who are very reliable when it comes to Rings leaks. Check out the social media post below.

However as said above, there is a little more in terms of Sauron rumors.

So what does this all tell us? That one version of Sauron will still be played by Charlie Vickers, that version will be severely injured in Season 2 and he’ll also share scenes with Adar, played by newly cast Sam Hazeldine in place of Joseph Mawle. Oh and we nothing else about the other version.

The idea of Sauron being severely injured does not fill me with enthusiasm. Unless it’s a flashback to what happened between Adar and he prior to Season 1. When Sauron is using a body, he can be injured. However, I didn’t like Sauron seemingly being near death’s door and requiring Elvish medicine in Season 1. Sauron is not an Istari, and yet this show wants to limit him to be more like Gandalf it seems. I will stress again, Sauron at this point can live as a purely spiritual being for long stretches of time. If we go by the book lore anyway.

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As for the whole two Sauron’s idea, well this is actually good news, potentially. Sauron is a shape shifter. Ergo, I want to see Sauron take on different forms as suits his needs. Surely that would have to incorporate a new actor playing another version of Sauron? Perhaps we will see Sauron across different time periods? What should happen is that an Elvish looking wanderer named Annatar claiming to be an emissary of the Valar turns up to instruct Celebrimbor in the art of Ring Craft. However, given Halbrand already kinda helped Brimby in Season 1 and they’ve already made the Three, I’m just not sure? Does Amazon even have the rights to use the name Annatar? That’s unclear for now sadly.

I’m not going to speculate too much, because right now I have almost zero faith in this show doing anything matching the book lore. I’ll watch Season 2 of course, I mean, why not? However I do not have high hopes for Season 2. Season 1 was a great looking and well cast show, but the writing was not good enough for this fan. Too much of the book lore was abandoned in favor of the version the writers wanted to tell. I’m not sure why screenwriters always think they can tell a story better than the authors but that’s been Hollywood for as long as it’s existed. Occasionally it works and an adaptation can be superior to the book (Jaws, Jurassic Park, Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather). However it is a rare event, and you’re up against J.R.R. Tolkien, one of the literary greats. Good luck.

We shall see!

What do you think of the two Sauron’s in The Rings of Power Season 2 Barside Buzz? As always, leave any thoughts around The Rings of Power below or any of the Sauron rumors.

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