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In a couple short weeks, us audiences will be treated to the long-awaited conclusion of the Unbreakable trilogy when Glass hits theaters. Finally, we’ll get top see that long-awaited face-off between one David Dunn and Elijah Price, but we can’t forget to take the time to remember our roots with that first film that set the whole thing in motion.

The folks over at Screen Junkies were more than happy to oblige with an Honest Trailer for the 2000 flick. More than anything, it really highlights that if you’ve grown accustomed to our current world of superhero films, then this one may be just a tad slow. Of course, it has M. Night Shyamalan’s trademark clunky dialogue, but a much more meditative story and pace than today’s fare.

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Honestly, though, I’ll take it. I couldn’t tell you how many hours of joy I got out of this one. There is a definite grounded craft to this film that is lost in many of the superhero movies we have nowadays. Hopefully, when Glass hits theaters, it will bring that same meditative flavor the original had, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Oh, and did I mention we’re having a giveaway? The studio was kind enough to send us a couple of T-shirts — one that says “Hero” and another that says “Villain.” We know it’s hard for y’all to choose which one you’d want, so if you enter and win, you won’t have to. They’ll both be yours! So go ahead and toss that die and see if the odds are in your favor!

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SOURCE: Screen Junkies

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