– by Campbell Clark

Whilst Netflix’s The Witcher TV show is still moving along, we were left having to guess with regards to possible release dates and a lack of clarity on exactly how far along the show is.

We recently wrote about this show extensively in a primer published last week HERE. At the time I predicted the release date would be at least late 2019. Well, this has now been debunked by producer Erik Barmack at a press event in Rome. Polish website NaEkranie as in attendance and Barmack actually said that whilst 2020 was more likely, even that is considered optimistic because the scripting phase is still unfinished. Frankly, I think I’d rather wait and give them the time to really get the script together for this. Too many times we see projects like this rushed to completion and I am a big believer in getting the script licked into shape before you even start casting, so if this slips to 2021 I can live with that.

NaEkranie also learned that the series would be filmed entirely in Eastern and Central Europe, which were strong influences for Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski when he wrote the original source novels.

Screenwriter and producer Lauren S. Hissrich also recently shared with fans on Twitter that the script for the pilot episode was complete and also shared some images of her visit to Poland to meet with Andrzej Sapkowski and do some location shooting….we think. Sapkowsky is credited as a consultant on the show and as I mentioned in the previous primer article, he is said to be very happy with the way the scripts are progressing.

This tweet from Lauren S. Hissrich remind any fans of Kaer Morhen, The Witchers ruined stronghold?

As always, let us know what you think of this news in the usual place. I’m happy to be patient if it means getting this right , it’s possible this could become one of the best things on Netflix. Time will tell.

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SOURCE: NaEkranie (via GameFragger), Lauren Hissrich