– by Shockey

The Hall H panel for Venom was a very intimate show with Rueben Fleischer, Riz Ahmed, and Tom Hardy.  The biggest takeaway from the panel and video shown is this version of the transformation from Eddie into Venom shows that they are two different personalities working together to protect each-other.  Eddie’s transformation into Venom will be a slow process, with Eddie battling with the symbiote for control.  By the end of the clip Eddie has accepted Venom and his style of being a hero.

The biggest surprise from the clip was the introduction of Riot, through Riz Ahmed’s character Carlton Drake.  The premise of the creation of Riot takes place when Carlton Drake is trying to find a future for human civilization through space.  This is where he comes into contact with the symbiotic.  Once Carlton is exposed to the power of the symbiote, he becomes obsessed with that power.  The visuals of Riot were almost identical to Venom with the only difference being his color.  With still more editing to be done to the film Riot had a silver look that was very similar to the T-1000 from Terminator 2.

Unfortunately for Spider-Man fans Rueben Fleischer confirmed that there would be no heroes in this film, going on to include Spider-Man.  Fletcher did confirm that there will be multiple symbiotes with the idea of creating a Symbiote Universe.  He did say that it eventually some point down the road Spider-man will meet Venom.

After watching the video in Hall H, I am happy that there won’t be a Spider-Man cameo.  Venom deserves his own film without any mention of Spider-Man to steal the spotlight.