– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a difficult time distinguishing itself on the composition front for a very long time. There are numerous reasons for this. Be it theme inconsistencies between franchise films, a lack of memorable hooks, or an overall emphasis on the music enhancing the scene rather than making it, there are few themes that have gone on to face global recognition in the film community (though the Avengers theme is having quite the comeback, thanks to its use in trailers).

With their latest release, Black Panther, a lot of folks in film communities have gone on to praise its music — not the album, mind you (though I’ve enjoyed that quite a bit), but the actual score for the film. Its composer, Ludwig Göransson actually took to Africa to capture a more authentic sound for it, and now it sounds like those musical chops are headed to a completely different kind of Marvel movie.

According to Deadline, Göransson is headed over to Sony to score their latest superhero film, Venom, which stars Tom Hardy and is directed by Ruben Fleischer.

This isn’t the first time Fleischer and Göransson have worked together. The pair also worked on Fleischer’s movie 30 Minutes or Less. Of course, while both Black Panther and Venom are Marvel characters, the two are pretty much as different as can be, and as such, it’s impossible to say what kind of score we’ll be getting. Given the more military nature of the film, I would expect something more of a dark thriller score…but we’ll have to wait and see. Given how little we know about Venom, guessing something like that is impossible.

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SOURCE: Deadline

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