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Image via Marvel Television

Image via Marvel Television

You gotta love actors like Vincent D’Onofrio have. In addition to doing amazing work in their roles, they tend to have a real appreciation and respect for the material. When he was first cast in Daredevil as Season 1’s big bad, Wilson Fisk, he not only brought a real credibility to the role, but an enthusiasm to see the character cross over into the Spider-Man realm. Considering how separate the TV and movie universes are being handled by Marvel, however, it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that that’ll ever be a reality, as noted most recently by Mario earlier today.

Given how we almost never see any real interaction between the TV and films (apart from throwaway lines in the series), does that mean actors will eventually begin to populate both the TV and films? D’Onofrio certainly seems to hope so. And the object of his desire comes in the form of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, as evidenced by a recent tweet, where he expressed his willingness to join the series.

Check out the tweet below:

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe technically being an amalgamation of the films and the TV series, we may instinctively reject this idea. After all, how can he play a character in Guardians if he has such a prominent role in Daredevil? Well, there is a bit of a precedent for this. Sure, the MCU seems like an airtight universe, but as history has proven, it is anything but. Yes, you have the occasional one-bit actors going in for different small roles, but there’s even a precedent for larger roles in both worlds.

The main exhibit I push for analysis is Alfre Woodard. At this point, you may mostly recognize her in the MCU as Mariah Dillard, one of the main baddies in Luke Cage, which hit Netflix earlier this year. What you may not realize is that she was also in Captain America: Civil War as Miriam. Don’t recognize the name? Miriam was the woman who confronted Tony Stark after his speech at the university, blaming him and the Avengers for her son’s death.

Sure, Woodard’s role in Civil War wasn’t necessarily an exceptionally one, but it was a fairly pivotal one when you look at the impact it had on Tony Stark’s character. 

All this is a roundabout way of saying that, yes, Vincent D’Onofrio should be allowed a role in Guardians of the Galaxy. If anything, it would likely be one character that would have zero chance of interacting with Kingpin — even if these worlds were more interactive — so the danger there is nil.

What do you think? Would you like to see D’Onofrio ham it up in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Vincent D’Onofrio (via Screen Rant)

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