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Watch HISHE Star Wars: The Last Jedi Comedy Dub Here – And Check Out Mark Hamill’s Advice For Critics Of Star Wars

With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker about to hit the fandom, maybe it is finally time to stop talking about The Last Jedi? Ha, only kidding, let’s face it, if anything the early reactions to The Rise of Skywalker indicate we are just going to keep talking about The Last Jedi forever and a day.

With that perhaps in mind, HISHE has released a funny comedy dub of The Last Jedi, so go check that out above. I am guessing that the majority of fans who loved The Last Jedi aren’t going to find this all that funny, I personally thought the movie was guff and therefore thoroughly enjoyed this humorous pi** take of Rian Johnson’s first and I predict last Star Wars involvement.


Listen, if I didn’t laugh, I’d be crying, so might as well get some enjoyment out of the most boring Star Wars movie ever devised ( I didn’t say the worst). Yes, I know there will be fans of that movie getting grumpy right now and warming up their keyboard cannons for war. Hey, it’s just my opinion, and you can simply discount it if you are one of the insane people that loves that movie. Feel free to admonish me in the comments, but it won’t change my mind.

One of the key points we are hearing from early reviews is that if you loved The Last Jedi, then don’t expect The Rise of Skywalker to follow on in its footsteps. That may well make some fans happy, but it will surely also make many fans unhappy and for me, honestly, I’d rather have had a film which made me look at The Last Jedi with new eyes rather than rolled eyes. Of course, maybe those early reactions are wrong, maybe?

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Either way I always appreciate a little HISHE comedy, and this one just worked for me. But as Mark Hamill says in the Twitter feed below from Nomadpoe, if you do have criticisms of any Star Wars films, better just keep them to yourself. Hamill is of course joking, but knowing his wacky sense of humor I do wonder whether this is a low-key dig at him being told to stop saying bad things about The Last Jedi or this trilogy as a whole by Disney.

Hamill appeared to be quite critical, to begin with and then it all dried up all of a sudden as fans started using his words as proof that not everyone was happy with The Last Jedi. Of course, since then we have heard some comments from the other stars that they all seemed to feel the same, so even they, it seems, were not happy with Rian Johnson’s Star Wars dumpster fire

What do you think of the comedy dub of The Last Jedi? What do you think of the early reports that The Rise of Skywalker seems to completely ignore that movie for the most part, and do you think Mark Hamill is really just joking? As always leave them below if you got them.

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SOURCE: HISHE, Mark Hamill (via Nomadpoe Twitter)

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