Watchmen Star Regina King Gives Her Own Take On THAT Ending (Major Watchmen Spoilers)

I know it’s up there in the title, but just in case, I warn anyone reading this, that we are discussing the ending of Watchmen here. As such prepare to find Major SPOILERS for Watchmen below and if you have not yet watched the finale, please come back after you have!



Ok, so once again, I am about to get straight into what happened in the final episode of Watchmen here so be warned. I’ll start off by saying that Watchmen is up there with The Boys and The Witcher as my top three new shows this year, it was blooming amazing and I actually never believed that Damon Lindelof could actually deliver an ending which would satisfy fans after the way he chose to end LOST. But not only did they land the ending here, they crafted one of the most thought-provoking and thoroughly entertaining shows I’ve seen in a long time.

In the final episode, as he predicted, Dr Manhattan is killed and Lady Trieu is all set to turn herself into his replacement and take on those god-like powers. Her own biological father Adrian Veidt is the one who is actually able to stop her by bombarding the entire area with frozen baby squid. When you type that sentence you think, “what?”, but this was perfect for this show and I loved it.

Of course Angela, the lead of the show played by Regina King has lost her husband and the love or her life Dr Manhattan, aka John. As she goes back home and begins to clean up the mess with her grandfather in tow, she discovers one egg from the box she previously slammed into the ground still intact and her mind goes back to what John told her about his powers. He told Angela that he could theoretically pass his powers into something organic, like an egg and therefore whoever ate that egg would receive his abilities.

Angela understands John’s mind more than anyone else, and how he perceives time, so she wonders whether this egg actually contains the power of Dr. Manhattan. Angela walks to the pool where John stood many times (on water) and cracks the egg and consumes it, she then goes to step onto the water to see if she will sink or float and the show cuts to black leaving the audience to wonder which way this went. Frankly, it was a perfect ending to an almost perfect story. We may never find out the answer to that question, that all depends on what HBO decides to do next with Watchmen, but Regina King has her own thoughts on the ending as she explained when speaking with IGN recently.

“The way I perceived it, because I really fell in love with the love story between Angela and Doctor Manhattan, I felt like when she saw that egg, she wasn’t necessarily looking at it as this opportunity to take on his powers. So my interpretation of it was she saw this as one last chance that she could be close to Jon, that somehow this would bring them back together, or as crazy as it sounds, maybe they’d be as one,” King explained. “I believed that it was a continuance of the love story. I’m just one of those people that are in love with love, and I just felt like it’s amazing that in all of this storytelling of pain and trauma and anger, that they were able to sneak an ultimate love story.”

That’s a great take on it, and probably why I kind of don’t want to know what the answer is, unless they have a really good story planned for the next series that MUST give an answer to this question. Though, for me there are many ways they can play with this concept without revealing the answer if they decide to carry this story forwards. Would Angela be a good Dr. Manhattan? King herself seems to think so,

“I feel like for the most part, even though you see this woman in her anger going up into Nixonville and putting the guy in her trunk and all of that, I still feel like she’s a very responsible person. Here’s a person that inherited three children because of her partner being killed during the White Night,” King said. “So I would guess that she would be responsible with those powers.”

I would agree, Angela lived in a violent place and did what she had to, but you always got a feeling of justice from her and the desire to do the right thing. The problem with absolute power is that it corrupts absolutely, and this was a central theme of the Watchmen Graphic Novel. Would Lady Trieu really have used her powers to help humanity, or got distracted and bored with Earth like John did so many years before? Would Angela live in the present and care for her children, or would she wallow in the past with her husband and lose focus on the here and now? These are the questions that would be posed should Angela get those powers, but I certainly am quite happy not knowing for sure either way.

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What did you think of Watchmen, did you love it like me, or did you have any criticisms of the show overall? Share your thoughts in the usual spot below.

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