– by Seth McDonald

To act in and direct the Oscar-nominated film, The Disaster Artist, James Franco really got into character, and from what some of his co-stars say, he stayed in that character during much of the film’s production.

Co-star Alison Brie, who is married to Franco’s brother, Dave (who played Greg Sestero in the film), said it was an unusual experience having James direct in character.

“You know my first day here it was very jarring just being directed by James while he looks like that, I think was so strange.”

Long time collaborator Seth Rogen was also taken aback by Franco’s dedication to the character.

“You would talk to him about stuff you would talk to Franco about especially because he’s directing the movie theres tons of like logistical conversations you need to have, he would just speak in Tommy voice and accent as he was doing it.”

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If you have seen The Room, and The Disaster Artist, then you know that Franco did an amazing job capturing the essence of the eccentric filmmaker, Tommy Wiseau. As you can see in the video prosthetics were used to make Franco look more like Wiseau, but everything else was all Franco.

I noticed a couple times throughout the film, some inconsistencies with Tommy’s knowledge of English, but other than that Franco was spot on with his portrayal.

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