– by Joseph Jammer Medina

You know a show is serious when everyone in the trailer whispers. That must mean that the new season of Westworld will be deadly serious. The first season of the show impressed audiences with its smart sci-fi premise that blended in the idea of wish-fulfillment with the old west.

In this future world, the wealthy can indulge in a sinful existence in Westworld, only to emerge from the experience completely guilt-free. Like a video game, the characters are mostly computers, meaning they don’t feel or care about the things that are done to them. Or at least that’s what we thought.

Season 1 saw these computers, also known as hosts, rise up against their creators, and it was fully expected that this would continue on in this new season of the show. Those hoping for all-out war, however, may be disappointed, as this new season seems just as slow and talkie as the first (which, let’s be real, was a part of the appeal of that first season).

In this trailer, we also get another look at Shogunworld, a similar world where guests can take a trip into the the medieval age of Japan. It’s unclear just how this will play into the story, but the viral site for the series teased many other worlds along with these two, meaning we can likely expect some sort of convergence, where they all fight for their freedom.

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