Trailer: Jurassic World Evolution Will Let You Build Your Own Dino-Themed Park Life finds a way, and very soon, it will be finding a way under your own supervision. One of the joys of the original Jurassic Park was that sense of wonder you had as

Why Is Ant-Man And The Wasp Undergoing Late Reshoots?

Marvel's track record of movie successes is nearly unblemished. Sure, Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 2 didn't exactly set the world on fire (though both made plenty of money), but they were not

Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers To Get Big-Budget Film Adaptation

There is no Stephen King story that's safe from Hollywood. That much has been proven in the past. But if the more recent past has proven anything, it seems like no story is safe from

Captain Marvel: New Set Photos Show Off Awesome (Read: Awful) ’90s Fashion

Fact: The '90s was home to pretty much the best of everything that's ever been. If there's something that you love, chances are it came from the 1990s (yes, including movies like The Terminator, Alien,

Ready Player One: The Last Action Hero Inspired The Film’s Biggest Departure From The Book

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for Ready Player One, so if you have yet to see the film, then I recommend coming back to this piece after you have -- unless you don't mind a

How Much Profit Star Wars: The Last Jedi Made For Disney

Regardless of all the debate surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the latest entry in the long-running space opera continues the success set by its predecessors and proves that it's still one of the most

Ready Player One Review: A World Worth Getting Immersed In

NOTE: If you've seen the movie already, and want your opinions to be heard, feel free to call into our Los Fanboys number at 925-695-1543. Leave a voicemail message giving your opinions on the movie, and we'll

John Cena Wants To Join Fast And Furious Film Series

Professional wrestlers have always popped up in feature films from time to time, from Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride to Hulk Hogan's movies of the late 80s and early 90s, with Dwayne Johnson being

Rampage: Uwe Boll Looking To Sue Studios For Using His Title

Everyone's favorite filmmaker is back at it again! The man who used the production of terrible movies as a means to make money from the German government (it's actually pretty smart of him) is continuing

Arrow Season 6 Finale Will Bring Back Sara Lance

The Arrowverse is an interesting beast. More than any other TV universe, they mix, match, and shuffle their characters across shows in a way that would make The MCU a bit dizzy. Some characters premiered