– by Campbell Clark

With Game of Thrones now ended, I guess HBO’s flagship series is now Westworld and Season 3 is due to hit the service in the earlier part of 2020. Westworld of course covers the stories of various characters, both Human and non-Human in a theme park on full rebellion. Westworld Seasons 1 and 2 were both ten episodes long, but according to a new report it looks like Season 3 will be shorter.

The Wrap reports that their inside sources have informed them that Westworld Season 3 is right now looking like being eight episodes instead of the usual ten. Now sometimes when this happens, it is because of extended episode lengths, such as happened at times with Game of Thrones. However, the outlet, nor their source had any idea whether this was the case or not for Westworld.

There is another possibility and a fairly simple one, perhaps when they broke down the story for this season they realised it was only eight hours long instead of the usual ten. I am personally of the opinion that there is no need to then look at how to extend that story for a further two hours. I feel this is something Netflix were guilty of with their MCU set series. Fans were constantly saying that Netflix could have reduced most of those shows to eight episodes and still told the same story in a far better paced format.

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I am hoping that HBO and the producers of Westworld realised this season was an eight hour story and just went with that. I guess we will find out more when Westworld comes back next year. I really enjoyed Season 1, but I felt like Season 2 was all over the place and didn’t seem to know where it was going. I hope Season 3 rights the ship on this one.

Do you care if Westworld has two less episodes, or do you not mind as long as it’s a good season? Share your thought below as always.

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SOURCE: The Wrap